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Title Screen[edit]

君はあの影を見たか? (Kimi wa ano kage wo mita ka ?, lit. "Did You See That Shadow?")

VS Select theme[edit]

萃夢想 (Suimusō, lit. "Memory of Forgathering Dream")


伝説の巨神 (Densetsu no kyojin, lit. "The Legendary Titan")


ぼくらの非想天則 (Bokura no Hisoutensoku, lit. "Our Hisoutensoku")

Arrangements (album)[edit]


人形のある風景 (Ningyō no aru fūkē, lit. "The Scenery of Living Dolls")

Credits theme[edit]

悠久の蒸気機関 (Yūkyū no jōkikikan, lit. "The Eternal Steam Engine")

Arrangements (album)[edit]

Last Boss theme / Nuclear Reactor Fusion Core[edit]

アンノウンX ~ Unfound Adventure (announ X ~ Unfound Adventure, lit. "Unknown X ~ Unfound Adventure")

Arrangements (album)[edit]

Sanae VS Suwako[edit]

空に浮かぶ物体X (Sora ni ukabu buttai X, lit. "X, the Floating Object in the Sky")

Reimu's Instant Kill Theme[edit]

東方妖恋談 (世紀末バージョン) (lit. "Eastern Mystical Love Consultation (Century's End Version)", Not listed in the game's Music Room, and it is titled in "???" in the files.)