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Main Theme[edit]

(Unspoken Beast Spirits)

Stage 1 Theme[edit]

(Lementations Known Only by Jizo)

Eika Ebisu's theme[edit]

(Jelly Stone)

Stage 2 Theme[edit]

(Lost River)

Urumi Ushizaki's Theme[edit]

(The Stone Baby and the Underwater Cow)

Stage 3 Theme[edit]

(Everlasting Spider Lilly)

Kutaka Niwatari's Theme[edit]

(Seraphic Chicken)

Stage 4 Theme[edit]

(Unlocated Hell)

Yachie Kitccho's Theme[edit]

(Tortoise Dragon ~ Fortune and Misfortune)

Stage 5 Theme[edit]

(Beast Metropolis)

Mayumi Joutouguu's Theme[edit]

(Joutounin of Ceramics)

Stage 6 Theme[edit]

(Electric Heritage)

Keiki Haniyasushin's Theme[edit]

(Entrust this world to Idols ~ Idolatrize World)

Extra Stage Theme[edit]

(The Shining Law of the Strong Eating the Weak)

Saki Kurokoma's Theme[edit]

(Prince Shoutoku's Pegasus ~ Dark Pegasus)