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This is a complete list of spell cards from works produced by ZUN. The characters and spell cards are listed by series, in chronological order, followed by player-usable if applicable, followed by number within a game.

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Use The player can use this spell card.
Story The spell card is part of different story modes.
St. Stage. The stage it appeared in.
E, N, H, L, Ex Easy, Normal, Hard, Lunatic, Extra. The difficulty the spell card appeared in.
LW Last Word. Top-level spell cards exclusive to Imperishable Night, Hopeless Masquerade, and Urban Legend in Limbo.
Ph Phantasm. Difficulty exclusive to Perfect Cherry Blossom.
Sp Spoiler. Difficulty exclusive to Double Spoiler.
Ov Overdrive. Difficulty exclusive to Ten Desires.


Touhou 06 to Touhou 09.5
Touhou 10 to Touhou 13.5
Touhou 14 to Touhou 16
ZUN's other works (Uwabami Breakers)

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