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Little Doll Queen

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鈴集無名の丘 ()
Little Doll Queen
Little Doll Queen



v0.01: October 9, 2022
v0.02: November 20, 2022
v1.00/v1.01: August 11, 2023
v1.02: August 22, 2023
v1.03: August 27, 2023


Vertical Danmaku Shooting Game


Single-player story mode


Windows 98?/ME?/2000/XP (Danmakufu)


Direct3D, DirectX 8.1, Except the video cards which max texture size is only 256x256 (e.g. Voodoo) (Danmakufu)

Suzushuu Mumei no Oka(Hill of the Nameless Convallaria) ~ Little Doll Queen (鈴集無名の丘 ~ Little Doll Queen) (LDQ) is a fan-made Touhou Project game made using Touhou Danmakufu. It is available for free on Steam, and features English, Japanese, and both Simplified and Traditional Chinese as language options.


The playable characters are Mayumi Joutouguu, Satono Nishida and Mai Teireida as a team, and Medicine Melancholy, who must be unlocked via a 1cc-clear on any difficulty level, and has a slightly smaller hitbox. The game's lives system is unique: Extra lives are exclusively obtained via pink poison fog items hidden in various parts throughout the game, and the game also has other poisons, each with their own colours and effects, that are described in the manual. Additionally, a Spirit Release system is present, and releases charged up by infant spirit items can be used to delete bullets and gain a bomb. Lastly, grazing fills a flower meter that, when completed, allows players to encounter the stage's Last Word spell card.

The main menu starts out empty, and is filled in by chibi art of the game's cast when specific conditions are met. The conditions require performing 1cc runs with each of the playable characters, and then encountering the Last Word spellcards of each character.

Optional spellcards in the Conpallors menu are unlocked all at once, by completing either Mayumi or the backup dancers' Extra stage and also completing Medicine's Extra stage.


The game was envisioned by team lead Hatamai, partly as a response to Medicine Melancholy's relative unpopularity and lack of recent (as of 2023) appearances in Touhou media[1], but also as a thought exercise over how Medicine has grown since properly learning from Eiki's lecture back in Phantasmagoria of Flower View. After committing to working on the game, an international team consisting of Hatamai, Asuka, Gecko322, Jun Wen, SHO, きさらぎ, 金森めい, 無解, Shelia, and 04leaf was formed, to manage the large workload of making the game, and managing its four languages and unlockable content. Development was done mostly in Traditional Chinese, with some writing concurrently done in Japanese, and localizing to English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese was performed by Hatamai, 金森めい and Asuka, and Jun Wen. Hatamai and Asuka worked together for the game's art, interface designs, and covers.

Since LDQ is themed around Medicine, poison forms a large part of the danmaku design. The game's store page on Steam describes it as, "a danmaku experience full of poisons and suffocation."[2] LDQ also places a heavy emphasis on the Nameless Hill, and expands upon the setting described in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense (PMiSS). The serious descriptions in PMiSS heavily influenced the plot of rousing up infant spirits, and also greatly contributed to the design and themes of the Stage 4 and Stage 5 bosses.[3]

The Stage 1 and Stage 2 bosses actually hail from "メディフェス Medicine Festival!"[4], a previous work published as a collaboration between various artists in 2020 to commemorate PoFV's 15th anniversary.[5]


The story revolves around Gensokyo being overwhelmed with poison and phantoms of infants simultaneously. The usual incident resolvers have fallen ill, so Mayumi, Satono, and Mai headed out towards Nameless Hill to resolve the incident. Some time later, Medicine also heads out similarly, albeit on her own agenda.


There are 19 different tracks in Little Doll Queen, with 18 composed by SHO and one composed by きさらぎ (Kisaragi). Much of the soundtrack is linked by a few common motifs, including some motifs featured in Phantasmagoria of Flower View.

The final spellcard theme and Extra boss theme are both medleys of the various character themes in Little Doll Queen, and the Extra stage theme is a medley of the themes from Stage 1 to Stage 6 inclusive.

Detailed music comments can only be unlocked by pressing the right arrow key after properly encountering the relevant song in-game.


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