Lost Rage

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Author: 水乃くらげ (Kurage Mizuno)
Link: http://www.geocities.jp/mk_rage18/

Having Them, as Opposed to Not Having Them, Is- (2006-05-21)

See: Sakuya Bust!! ~Sakumune~#Having Them, as Opposed to Not Having Them, Is-

Patchu Manga -Scarlet- (2006-09-03)

Translated by arcrenciel, edited by ZEROGRAVITY-A01.

Download: Patchu Manga -Scarlet- zip
Gallery: [None. Patchu Manga -Scarlet-]

Patchu Manga -Curse- (2006-11-12)

See: Finest Magic#Patchu Manga -Curse-

Reconquesteres (2009-12-29)

Translated by Arcrenciel, edited by Agoengss.

Download: Reconquesteres zip
Gallery: [None. Reconquesteres]

Sonnen Strahl -THERMOSPHERE- (2010-12-30)

Translated by Nietz, edited by Rukaroa.

Download: Sonnen Strahl -THERMOSPHERE- zip
Gallery: [None. Sonnen Strahl -THERMOSPHERE-]



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