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東方酔蝶華 (とうほうすいちょうか)
ロータスイーター達の酔醒 (たちのすいせい)
VFiS 15 preview

Kadokawa Shoten /
Comp Ace


November 26th 2019





Touhou Suichouka (Drunken Butterfly Flower) ~ Rootasuiitaa-tachi no Suisei (Drunkening and Sobering of Lotus-Eaters) (東方酔蝶華 ~ ロータスイーター達の酔醒) is an upcoming official Touhou comic, first revealed the September 26, 2019, in Comp Ace's November 2019 issue. The story will be written by ZUN, and illustrated by Mizutaki, an artist already known for creating Touhou doujin comics.



酔蝶華 is spelled with characters meaning "drunk", "butterfly" and "flower", respectively. Worth noting that 酔蝶花 is also known as 風蝶草, which are flowers in the Cleome genus, also named Spider flower (not to be confused with spider lilies): http://yasashi.info/ku_00005.htm
"Lotus-Eaters" refers to the race of the same in Greek mythology, who mainly fed on intoxicating lotus plants and displayed apathetic behaviour. It's also an expression in English meaning roughly "daydreamer".