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ここはとある東の国の山の中、博麗神社はだいたい平穏だった。 博麗神社の巫女、博麗靈夢(はくれい れいむ)もだいたい暇だった。 In a far eastern land, there was a generally quiet shrine in the mountains. The Hakurei Shrine's shrine maiden, Reimu Hakurei was also generally bored.


Reimu "Ah, man, I wonder if there's any work (something fun) around."

なんてこと言うもんだから、突然大量の化けものその他が神社にわいて   出てきりする。自業自得である。 And so, because of her careless words, a large amount of ghosts and such suddenly came barging into the shrine. You reap what you sow.


Reimu "Eeek! What the heck is this!?"

突然、悪霊退治に大いそがしの靈夢。 Reimu quickly got down to business and began her evil spirit extermination.
・・ ..

靈夢「う~ん、このままじゃまた神社が壊されちゃうわ。 しかたないわね。原因を見付けだして元から潰しましょ!」

Reimu "Hmm... At this rate, the shrine will be ruined again. Looks like there's no other choice. I'll find the source of this and crush it!"


  山の中にある湖が怪しいと踏んだ靈夢は、早速山に向かうことにした。   (どっちかというと、こういうときに神社を留守にするから壊されるんだと

Somehow, (and you musn't make fun of the shrine maiden's "somehow" method)

Reimu felt that the lake in the mountains behind the shrine was suspicious, and so she promptly headed towards the mountains. (Though I get the feeling that in times like this, it's precisely because

she left the shrine empty that it gets ruined...)


Reimu "This place is definitely suspicious. There are tons of evil spirits here."


Reimu "I'm getting excited. I finally have some work (evil spirit extermination) again!!

-- 一方そのころ。 -- Meanwhile.


Marisa "Hmm... What the heck is this magic power?"

強力な魔力の持ち主である霧雨魔理沙(きりさめ まりさ)は、当然のよ


The possessor of a large capacity of fierce magic power, Marisa Kirisame,

was suddenly tempted by a vast magical force.

Marisa, intent on making this power her own, headed towards the source.


Marisa "This is lovely! Where's this crazy amount of magic power coming from?

魔理沙は、靈夢に内緒で湖に向かっていった。はずだったが・・・ Marisa made her way towards the lake without Reimu knowing. Well, that's what she had intended...
こうして、二人は別の用事で湖に行ったのだった・・・ う~ん。 And so, the two went to the lake for separate reasons... hmmm.


  • 幻想郷.txt (included with the game)
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