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English Translation

                                                   ●      ●       ●         
                              ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・      ●     ●      ●            
                            ・・      ・・%%%%%%・・   ●    ●     ●               
                          ・・      ・・%%%%%%%%%%・・●   ●    ●           ●     
                        ・・      ・・%%  %%%%%%%%%%・・ ●   ●        ●           
                       ・        ・・%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%・  ●     ●                 
                       ・          ・・%%%%%%%%%%%%%%・   ●                       
                       ・            ・・%%%%%%%%%%%%・  |                         
                  ☆   ・              ・・%%%%%%%%%%・  |                         
            ☆     ☆  ・                ・・%%%%%%%%・  |                         
      ☆        ☆   ☆ ・・          %%  ・・%%%%%%・・   |                         
☆           ☆    ☆   ☆・・          ・・%%%%%%・・    /                          
          ☆     ☆    ☆   ・・      ・・%%%%%%・・    /                            
       ☆      ☆     ☆      ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・    /                 ^ ^          
    ☆       ☆      ☆          _____________/                   | |          
                         Touhou Project 4th Game
                            Touhou Gensokyo
                         Lotus Land Story...

        Fantasy Shrine Maiden Vertical Scrolling Shooting Game    1998 ZUN
                       Only for PC-98/EPSON PC

   1. Background story of Lotus Land Story
  2. Introduction of Main Characters
  3. System requirements
  4. How to start
  5. What the game is about
  6. How to control
  7. Explanation of in-game screen
  8. Items
  9. Bonuses and Extends
 ■1.Background story of Lotus Land Story

   Hakurei Shrine, located somewhere in the moutains of a certain country 
     in the east, was at peace. 
   The shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu Hakurei, was also free. 

   Reimu:"Ahhh~, there's nothing (interesting) to do."

   As she said that, large numbers of monsters and such poured out towards the 
   shrine all of a sudden. She got what she deserved.

   Reimu:"Ehh? What is this?

   Reimu was suddenly burdened with the task of exterminating evil spirits. 
   Reimu:"Hmmph, if I leave it like this, the shrine'll get destroyed again.
      It can't be helped.I'll find the reason behind this and root it out!"

   For some reason or another, (you can't make fun of the shrine maiden's reasons)
    Reimu suspected that the lake within the mountains behind the shrine was 
    strange, and headed there quickly. 
  (Either way、I think that the shrine would be destroyed even if she stayed there)

   Reimu:"As I thought,this place is strange. There are lots of evil spirits here."

   Reimu:"I'm nervous to start what haven't done in a long time(evil spirit 

  -- At the same time......

   Marisa:"Hmmm. What is this powerful magic?"

   The powerful magician, Marisa Kirisame, was certainly attracted by magic of 
     this magnitude.

   She decided to make it her own, and headed toward the source. 

   Marisa:"How lucky I am. Where could all this magic be coming from?"

   Marisa headed towards to lake, unknown to Reimu. However......

  Just like that, these two went to the lake on different reasons. Hmmmm.

 ■2.Introduction of main characters

  ★ Shrine Maiden who Protects Dream and Tradition - Reimu Hakurei

    The shrine maiden of Hakurei Shrine, who possesses natural-born spiritual 
    power and lacks training. She exterminates youkai by attacking them with 
    amulets, firing her spiritual power in a Spiritual Attack and releasing 
    the power of Yin-yang Orb.

    She's an optimist. She faces some strange incidents, but still she enjoys 
    Due to her slightly emotional and simple character, she's always made fun 
    of by Marisa. 

  ★ A Being made of Magic and Red Dream - Marisa Kirisame

    She is an ordinary girl, even though she is a magician. Her personality is 
    somewhat self-confident, but she has enough power to support her confidence 

    She is very intelligent, and is looking for power, but is still a child. 
    What she does in her daily life is unknown.

    She looks much more like a child than Reimu (though Reimu also looks like 
    a child) but their ages are very close.

    I think they both are a bit off from average... 

 ■3.System requirements

  PC98(except PC98-NX), or other compatible machines.
  (with EGC)
  CPU: Recommended for i486(66MHz) or higher
     (still works on i386, but you can't play the game properly.
     However, it uses i386 commands so it cannot work on i286.
     To go into more detail, even if its an i486 processor, 
          without at least 66MHz of frequency, the processing rate 
          might still drop.)

  Actually, CPU aside, the VRAM access must also be fast.

  MSDOS is required. (more than 540KB of free space needed)

  If the processing rate drops, the game pace might become slower, and it 
    will take a lot of patience to clear the game. 

  The sound quality can be improved with an FM sound source. 
  Support is available for the joystick of the FM sound source.

  As much as possible, remove the staying resident from the TSR before starting.
    Ideally, start the game immediately after (re)starting the computer.

 ■4.How to start

  When the GAME.BAT is executed, the title screen will be shown with 6 choices.
     START    ・・・ Starts the story mode.
  EXTRA START ・・・ Starts the extra stage.
    HiScore   ・・・ Shows the high scores.
   MUSIC ROOM  ・・・ To listen to music, while showing the comments.
     Option    ・・・ Various options can be changed here.(detailed later)
      Quit     ・・・ Ends the game and returns to DOS.

  You must start up the game using the batch file. It won't start by executing 
  the program itself.

 ■5.Game contents

   A vertically-scrolling shooting game surrounding the shrine maiden, set 
      in a fantasy world.

   The game will be fun, whether when you are aiming for a normal clear, 
      or when you are working.
  There are many enemy bullets, but your hitbox is also very tiny, so it 
    should be fun for everyone.

   Contains 6+1 stages.
  However,on easy mode, or if you have continued, the game ends on stage 5. 
    (bad end)
   Therefore, you can't continue on stage 6.(or else you will get a bad end)

  ○Stage structure
   Stage1 ・・・ Around the mountain path(Day for Reimu, night for Marisa)
          Boss:Youkai - Orange
   stage2 ・・・ Above the mountain lake
          Boss:Vampire girl - Kurumi
   Stage3 ・・・ Interior of the drained lake
          Boss:Gatekeeper of the Mansion - Elly
   Stage4 ・・・ Interior of Mugenkan
   Stage5 ・・・ Deepest part of Mugenkan
   Stage6 ・・・ ???


   ●Player movements(whichever works)
     Cursor   Number keys  Joystick
      ↑     789        ↑
     ← ↓ →    4 6       ←   →
            123        ↓
   *Holding down the SHIFT key while moving will allow slow movement.
    Use it when the bullet density is high to make the game easier.
     Z key or Joystick Button B
     Hold the button for rapid-fire.
     X key or Joystick Button A

     ●ESC key Pauses the game.
           Pressing Q while the game is paused will exit the game.

 ■7.Explanation of in-game screen

        | -------------------          |
        | |                 |          |
        | |                 |       |  The game screen generally looks 
        | | Bullet-dodging  |  Status  |  like this.
        | |                 |       |
        | | Field           | Display  |  Of course, the player character 
        | |                 |          |  cannot go out of the bullet-
        | |                 |          |    dodging field.
        | |                 |          |
        | -------------------          |

    The status display from the top:(the one in parentheses are shown when 
        Marisa is used)

     HiScore  ・・・・ High score, for the current difficulty and 
                   the currently used character is shown.
      Score   ・・・・ The current score. The last digit shows the 
                                      number of continues used.                  
      Enemy   ・・・・ Shows the health of the (mid)boss in a gauge.
                   The gauge is a full bar when no damage 
                   has been taken yet, and is made to fit 
                   the screen, so take note that the speed 
                   of depletion may vary.
     霊撃(Bomb) ・・・・ The number of times the bomb may be used.
                   Six and above will be shown as a digit.
    靈夢(Player)・・・・ The remaining number of lives.
                   Six and above will be shown as a digit.
        点     ・・・・ The number of point items collected during 
                   the current stage.
        夢     ・・・・ The current Dream Bonus.
                   (maximum of 12800)
        弾     ・・・・ The number of bullets graze in the current 
                   stage.(each bullet can only be grazed once)
     霊力(Pawer) ・・・・ The current power level shown in a gauge.
                   The bar turns white on full power-up.
      Normal   ・・・・ The current difficulty level.
                   There are five difficulties: Easy, 
                   Normal, Hard, Lunatic and Extra. 


   P(red)     ・・・ Increases the shot power by 1. 
   点(purple)   ・・・ Adds to the score. Collecting them at the top 
              of the screen yields more points. Also, clear 
              bonus is added based on the number of point 
              items collected, so collect as much as possible. 
   夢(dark blue) ・・・ Adds to the value of point items.
              However, it is reset at the end of each stage. 
   S(red)   ・・・ Increases the shot power by 10.
   B(green)  ・・・ Adds 1 bomb.
  1UP(blue)  ・・・ Adds 1 life.
   F(yellow)  ・・・ Full-power up, erasing all bullets on screen.

 ■9.Bonuses and extends
  *1.Point items bonus
  *2.Dream bonus(Dream items)
  *3.Bomb bonus
  *4.Enemy bullets bonus
  *5.Enemy bullets grazed bonus
  *6.Full power-up bonus
  *7.Clear bonus
  *9.Bomb extends during stage-clears

  *1.Point items bonus
    Their value increases when you collect them further up the screen.
   (maximum of 51200 points)However, anything below 51200 would be 
    28000~2000. Furthermore, Dream Bonus is added to the value based 
        on the number of dream items collected.
   The actual highest score for 1 point item is (51200+12800=64000) points.

  *2.Dream bonus(Dream items)
    Adds to the value of point items.
    Also counted in the stage-clear bonus.
    How it increases:
     0 → 1000 → 2000 →  4000
       → 6000 → 8000 → 10000 → 12800
    Every death returns it to the base level.
    Also, it is reset to 0 whenever a stage is cleared.

  *3.Bomb bonus
    Using a bomb will cause all items on screen to be attracted towards the 
   At this time, collected items will have their value doubled.
   When using a bomb, go to the top of the screen as much as possible for 
   higher scores.

  *4.Enemy bullets bonus
    Directly after defeating a boss or midboss, all bullets on screen turn
       into points.
   The score will be higher when the bullets are more, so try to defeat the 
      enemy when the screen is filled with bullets.
    Also, the score display won't be decreased, but as you advance through 
      the boss's attack patterns, when the bullets on the screen are completely
      erased, the score added will become less based on the number of bullets 
      on the screen.

  *5.Enemy bullets grazed bonus
    A very dangerous bonus. The number of times you draw extremely close to
      enemy bullets is counted. Note that going close to one bullets only counts
      as one. The number of grazes is shown in the ‘弾’ row. When the stage is 
   cleared, the number of grazes count towards the clear bonus. 
    The points added for every graze are EASY    1000 Points.
                            NORMAL   2500 Points.
                            HARD    4000 Points.
                            LUNATIC   5000 Points.
                            EXTRA     25600 points.

  *6.Full power-up bonus
    When the shot power is maxed out (power gauge turns white), if you 
      continue to collect power items,(though it's okay to let them pass) 
      its value will gradually increase.(from 10 points to the max of 12800)
    Furthermore,if you collect S(red) items when the value is at its max,
   you will gain 25600 points.
    However, if you die, its value returns to 10. 

  *7.Clear bonus
    The clear bonus is counted from the sum of
      Stage bonus      ・・・ Stage number      × 1000
      Power bonus     ・・・ Power          ×  100
      Dream bonus      ・・・ The dream bonus during the clear
      Graze bonus     ・・・ Number of grazes ×   50
    and added to the score. 

   *By the way, the all-stage-clear bonus is calculated from the sum of
      Stage bonus      ・・・         10000
      Power           ・・・ Power          ×   100
      Dream bonus      ・・・ The dream bonus during the clear
      Graze bonus     ・・・ Number of grazes ×    50
      Life bonus     ・・・ Lives remaining  × 10000

    However, there are also penalties(some of them adding).
     ○Adding more lives from the options
     ○Using continues
     ○When the boss selfdestructs
     ○Raising (or lowering) the difficulty
    In these situations, a multiplier (0.0~1.4) will be imposed on the bonus.

    There will be an extend when the score reaches 3 million, 8 million, 15 
      million, 22 million and 30 million respectively.

  *9.Bomb extends during stage-clears
    Whenever you clear a stage, a bomb will be added to your stock.


   The following will be shown when you select the OPTIONS from the title 
    screen. Use the arrow keys or リターン(return) button to change them.
  ○RANK ・・・ The difficulty level.
            EASY    An easy shooting game.
                     (however, the game ends at stage 5)
            NORMAL  Normal difficulty. Somewhat easier than 
                    an arcade game.
            HARD    The number of bullets increases. 
                    Quite a high difficulty.
            LUNATIC Very hard. Hmmm.

            The 4 difficulty levels as shown above.
            The default settings are set at NORMAL.

  ○PLAYER ・ The number of lives your character has. 
            You can choose from 1 to 6 lives.
            If you choose 4-6 lives, there will be a penalty
            during the stage clear bonus.
            The default is set at 3 lives.

  ○BOMB ・・・ The number of spiritual attacks(bombs).
            You can choose from 0-2 bombs.
            The default is set at 2 bombs.

  ○MUSIC ・・ The settings of the used sound source.
            off(no music)  ・・ no BGM
            FM(26)     ・・ PC-9801-26K(compatible) port
            FM(86)     ・・  PC-9801-86(compatible) port

  ○S.E.  ・・ Presence of sound effects.
            off        ・・ no sound effects.
            Beep       ・・ Uses the Beep as a sound source.
            FM         ・・ Uses the FM sound source.

            It might be good for people without a sound source to use
            Though those using a PC-9801-26K(compatible) port should 
            also use Beep.
           (Because the 3rd FM channel will be the one used for SFX)

  ○TURBO MODE(default) or
   SLOW  MODE ・・ When set to slow mode, when large numbers of 
            bullets are released, the processing rate will be 
                        decreased. Because of this, it will be more fun to 
                        dodge bullets even on fast machines.
            On turbo mode, the processing rate will never be 
                        intentionally decreased. However, scores on slow mode
                        will not be recorded. 
            Even so, you can't change to turbo mode on Extra.
  ○RESET ・・ Changes all configurations back to default.

  ○QUIT ・・・ Exits the configuration screen.


   Copyrights of the programs and data belong to their respective authors. 

   This program is not freeware. Downloading/uploading, transfer and  
    distribution without permission goes against the copyrights. 
  Distribution after modification and such are, of course, not allowed.

   And the FM Sound source driver P.M.D. copyrights goes to
   Thanks for his marvelous driver.
   If you have any questions or opinions, feel free to contact


   TEL 0493-34-5547

   355 Saitama Prefecture Higashimatsuyama City Motojuku 1-6-5 Nakamura Building 208

                             Jun'ya Oota(ZUN)



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  • From 幻想郷.txt, which is included with the game