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English Translation


                 Lotus Land Story

     For strategies, hints, people who want to clear the game and get more points


  1.About the Game Rank system
  2.Focused Movement with Shift Key
  3.Recommendation for slow mode
  4.Walkthrough of each stage (Quite rude)
  5.Hints for earning more points (Very rude)
  6.Words from the creator, ZUN

 ■1.About the game rank system
   This game has a rank system that is quite alike those in other games.
   The game rank system can change the difficulty of the game so that, if 
   you're doing well the game gets difficult, whereas if you make a mistake,
   the enemy fire becomes slow, etc.

  ●Conditions for changes in your rank
   Conditions for an increase your rank (game difficulty)
    ・Playing time (the longer you play, the higher your rank becomes).
    ・Gaining 1 more life (1UP).
    ・Obtaining point items at the top of the screen.
    ・Obtaining high clear bonus points.
    ・Obtaining power up items in full power mode.
    ・Clearing the stage without dying.
    ・Clearing the stage without using bombs.
   Conditions for a decrease in your rank
    ・Missing an item (excluding power-up items).
    ・Obtaining low clear bonus points.
    ・Allowing the boss to self-destruct (run away).

    Needless to say, playing the game for getting more points would result in
   an increase in rank (Especially the bomb bonuses and extends).
   Although the rank increases as you play longer, the length of time for an
   increase in rank to take place is shorter if you have more lives remaining.

  ●Change in game difficulty depending on rank
   The higher your rank...
    ・The faster the enemy bullets become overall.
    ・The more lines of fire for fan-shaped lines of enemy fire.
    (e.g. 3-way fire -> 5-way fire)
    ・The more lines of fire for omnidirectional enemy fire.
    (e.g. 32 ways of fire-> 40 ways of fire)
    ・The greater frequency of fire for smaller enemies.

    A really high rank would mean a ridiculously tough level in some cases;
   however, dying once will reset your rank to its original, so it's still fine
   if your rank goes up out of control.
    Rather than playing in such a way that the rank does not increase, it's
   better to play so that even with increasing rank you can dodge all enemy 
   fire to clear the game.

 ■2.Focused Movement with Shift Key
  Moving while holding down the shift key will result in a decrease of your
  movement speed to about half of what it is. 
  There will be moments when there are too many enemy fire on the screen
  to the point where moving through them is impossible.
  In such case, use this focused movement. It will make danmaku dodging
  easier than expected.
  In the walkthrough below, for stages that have (focused movement required), 
  you must use the focused movement to get through.

  Probably using your middle finger for the Z key and your pinky for the
  shift key would be convenient.

 ■3.Recommendation for slow mode
  In the options menu you can choose between Turbo mode and Slow mode.
  The Turbo mode is set as default, but for recently produced fast processors 
  (Above 486(66MHz))(Are they the most recent ones?(^^;;), there is no delay in
  performance, which results in severe bullet spamming in some cases.
  If such occurs, it is recommended that you use Slow mode.

  In Slow mode, when there is heavy enemy fire, the game deliberately imposes
  a dealy for a certain time to make it look like there is a delay in performance rate.
  (The fewer lives you have left, the lower the performance rate of the game)

  However, scores obtained through Slow mode are not recorded.
  So if you want to clear the game first, then go ahead with the Slow mode.
  Even in Slow mode, a 1CC will unlock the Extra stage.

  However, in the Extra stage, only Turbo mode is available.

 ■4.Walkthrough of each stage
  Yeah, let's begin the walkthrough for the game. 
  This is Reimu on the walkthrough.
  (It is indeed a rudely written walkthrough)
  ●Stage 1
   On the way there are no threatening enemies.
   For the mid-boss, just spam bullets in its face and you'll defeat it soon.
   If you take too long to defeat the enemy, then enemy fire will come down
   straight along the center. In that case it's OK to move sideways a little bit.
   In the latter half of the stage, the enemies start charging down at you
   at high speeds. You might want to stay at the lowest part of the screen
   and collect items dropped upon defeating them.

  ☆Stage 1 boss (Orange)
   ○Her first attack consists of 4 different types of attacks (out of which
    one will be chosen at random).
    None of them are particularly difficult. Spam bullets directly in her front.
   ○Her second attack is a scattering attack.
    Since her attack pattern is random here, play cautiously. Try to move around
    so that you can deal damage to the boss whenever possible.
    The enemy fire gets heavier as the boss's health decreases, but once she is
    defeated, all bullets will be eliminated and you move on to her next attack.
   ○Her third attack is a multi-directional attack.
    Since the boss dies pretty soon in this attack, there's nothing much difficult.
    However, in a split second the screen will become covered with bullets, so
    it would work to your benefit if you defeat the boss ASAP.
    (Focused movement required)

  ●Stage 2
   The first half of stage 2 has no bullets, but the enemies charge down at you
   at high speed, so watch out for them.
   If possible, don't go up the upper half of the screen here. You could get hit
   by a falling enemy. There is a pattern in the positioning of enemies here so
   memorization will play a key role here.
   The mid boss has 4 types of attacks that she repeats over a certain cycle.
   Maybe it'll be easy to avoid bullets at the position just above the lower 
   center of the screen.
   For the latter half of the 2nd stage, just watch out for the sudden bullets
   from the front. If it doesn't work out, just use a bomb.

  ☆Stage 2 Boss (Kurumi)
   ○Her first attack pattern consists of explosive fire along your left and right.
    When the bullets come down at the same time along both sides, you might panic,
    but in fact this attack pattern is easy to evade.
    Whether the bullets are on one side of the screen or on both sides, all you have
    to do is stay at the center, and when the bullets reach the bottom, move slightly
    upwards. Then move back down and rinse and repeat.
   ○Her second attack pattern consists of spinning bullets.
    This attack will have a large difference in difficulty depending on your rank.
    If you're all about clearing the game, it'll be OK, but even so it won't be
    as difficult as you think.
   ○Her third attack pattern is same as the first, but this one repeats three times.
    Same tactics as the first attack, but keep in mind that she'll fire three times.て
    You may move closer to the boss here.
   ○Her fourth attack pattern is a scattering short laser attack.
    Just spam her with bullets and she'll go down soon enough.

  ●Stage 3
   Pretty much a tough stage.
   There are parts where the enemies appear on the bottom right and left
   of the screen so watch out for that.
   Don't take it easy with the mid-boss. Make sure that you get the 1UP item
   that it drops upon death.
   After the mid-boss there will be parts where you'll be under heavy enemy
   fire. In such places, make sure you respond timely to enemy attack, or use
   a bomb upon getting closer to the enemies.
   Especially, the part where the enemies charge down at you vertically in
   single files is quite difficult, and using a bomb can earn good points,
   so it's OK to use a bomb at that point.
   For the bullets that appear right before the stage boss, it looks like a
   good idea to move upwards gradually to avoid them.

  ☆Stage 3 Boss (Elly)
   ○Pieces of the floor fall off and fly towards you during her first attack.
    Disregarding the floor pieces, Elly's scythe flies towards you in a
    random pattern.
    To avoid it, stick to the lowermost part of the middle, and move left and
    right a little bit. Do so, and you'll see the scythe moving in a less
    threatening pattern. The scythe keeps coming back at you until Elly is
    defeated so make sure you keep avoiding it until the end of this attack.
    As you reach the end of this attack pattern, Elly will open an 
    omnidirectional fire at the center of the screen. Just move around slightly
    to avoid the bullets and you'll be fine.
   ○Her second attack pattern consists of many different patterns.
    She moves around with her scythe so it might be quite difficult.
    I've not much advice for this one. Just do your best to avoid the attacks.
    (Bomb use strongly recommended)

  ●Stage 4
   A stage with quite a lot of danmaku.
   The mid boss of this stage appears twice. If you find her too challenging,
   use a bomb. Doing so will often put her at bay and eventually defeat her.
   For enemies using omnidirectional fire, move slightly to the left and right
   and you'll be fine.
   After that, enemies start appearing from the bottom of the screen so watch out
   Bullets will spawn before the stage boss. For that, move around in a clockwise
   direction from the bottom right of the screen and you'll be fine.
   (Bottom right->bottom left->top left->top right)

  ☆Stage 4 Boss 1 (Marisa: If player chooses Reimu)
   The Stage 4 Boss is different depending on which character you chose as your
   protagonist. First, let's begin with the boss if you play with Reimu.
   All of her attacks are random, so a bomb use is required.
   Also, when she's equipped with satellites, you can't do damage to her, so be 
   ○When she is unequipped with satellites
    She's not that difficult without a BIT so make sure you don't die here.
    She uses 2 different attack patterns in a random order.
    ・Fan-shaped line of scattering bullets
    ・Omnidirectional fire  (Focused movement required)
   ○When she's equipped with satellites
    She uses 5 different attack patterns randomly when she's equipped with a
    satellites. Each attack pattern has a way to deal with it...
    I can give a certain answer for the attack that rains star shaped bullets on you
    from the top of the screen. All you have to do is stay at the bottom right or
    bottom left of the screen, and avoiding the bullets will become easier.
    For all other attacks, just avoid the bullets on your own.
    ・Multi-directional fire
    ・32-directional fire × 4
    ・Raining stars from the top of the screen
    ・Line of fire with changing angles
    ・Scattering bullets   (Focused movement required)
   ○After destroying all satellites
    Upon destroying all of her satellites, it's possible to come under ridiculously
    heavy fire when you miss the right timing.
    Marisa will use these five types of attack randomly.
    ・Aimed chain of fire
    ・Rapid fire from left towards right (Focused movement required)
    ・Rapid fire from right towards left (Focused movement required)
    ・Aimed high-speed bullets × 4
    ・Fan-shaped line of scattering bullets (Focused movement required)

  ●Stage 5
   Short stage with many bullets.
   Just watch out for the enemies that appear on both sides of the screen
   during the latter half of the stage.
   You'll be fine if you kill all enemies on either side.
   For the bullets that appear before the boss, wait until they get close
   to you, and use a bomb.

  ☆Stage 5 boss (Yuuka, 1st fight)
   Probably not that strong a boss. All of her attacks follow some pattern.
   Just close up on her whenever possible and deal her damage, then you'll see
   that she's not that difficult.
   ○First attack pattern
    ・Alternating fan-shaped 7 to 15 lines of fire (Changes depending on your rank)
    from left and right sides.
    ・Two types of bullets: Spiraling bullets and speed bullets.
     Don't die here since both of them are simple.
   ○Second attack pattern
    ・Scattering orbs with returning fire.
     You'll move on to the next attack soon, so this part is fine.
     Next, you'll be back to the first attack pattern. You need to deal her some
     damage here in order to move on to the third attack pattern.
   ○Third attack pattern
    ・Omnidirectional speed bullets
    ・Dense lines of fire allowing little space to move
     The omnidirectional speed bullets are simple if you carefully observe the
     patterns - or are they?
     For the dense bullet pattern, just look for gaps among bullets and move
     out of the line of fire.
   ○Fourth attack pattern
    ・Powerful laser and omnidirectional short laser
     You can't deal damage to Yuuka during this attack pattern, so the best that
     you can do is move around at the edges of the screen to avoid the short lasers.
     Yuuka will return to her third attack pattern. You need to deal her some
     damage here in order to move on to the fifth attack pattern.
   ○Fifth attack pattern
    ・Fan-shaped line of fire × 2  (Focused movement required)
     Upon looking at it, you might think it is a messy attack, but it is indeed 
     a messy attack (^^;
     If you move up and down around the center of the screen a little bit, the attack
     becomes somewhat manageable.
     Wouldn't a bomb be useful at this point?

  ●Stage 6
   Last stage. There's really nothing in this stage.
   Keep an eye out for the tough enemies around the end of the stage: Destroying
   them will earn you a good item, so don't let them escape.
   In addition, full power ups have an effect of ridding all enemy bullets on screen,
   so make sure you don't get it too soon.

  ☆Final boss (Yuuka, 2nd fight)
   You can't just lose to her after you've made it all the way up to here!
   But it'll be fine since she's not that tough. Now, let's move on to the attack patterns.
   Just do your best on each one of them. (* marks attacks that you should be extra careful)
   ○First attack pattern
    ・Special spinning bullets *
    ・Spiraling bullets
    ・Scattering bullets from top of screen  (Focused movement required)
   ○Second attack pattern
    ・Firing bullets from around herself.
   ○Third attack pattern
    ・Ghost sprite appears (cannot deal damage to this).
    Omnidirectional confusion bullets. *
   ○Fourth attack pattern
    She creates her second half, but both of them are her real self and 
    thus can receive damage.
    ・Laser + Scattering short laser (her second half) *
    ・Scattering short laser 1 (her second half) (Focused movement required)
    ・Scattering short laser 2 (her second half) (Focused movement required)
   ○Fifth attack pattern
    ・Ghost sprite appears (cannot deal damage to this).
    Rapid fire of self-targeting bullets. *
   ○Sixth attack pattern
    Attack pattern is same as her fourth.
   ○Seventh attack pattern
    Yuuka opens up her parasol.
    ・Ultra-fast bullet spray
    ・Omnidirectional short laser         * (Focused movement required)
    ・Homing small-sized missiles (can be destroyed)     *
   ○Final attack pattern
   Good job on the All Clear!
   (There are 10 different all clear CGs!)
   You'll unlock the Extra stage upon your All Clear.
   I'll introduce you a little bit to the Extra Stage bosses.
   (* marks attacks that you should be extra careful)
  ☆Extra boss [Younger] Sister (Mugetsu)
    ・Omnidirectional spiraling bullets.
    ・Omnidirectional ultra-slow bullets.
    ・Line of fire that bends at a right angle.
    ・Bullets with narrowing room for escape + spinning special bullets.      *
    ・Random omnidirectional fire.
    ・Large amounts of spiraling bullets.             **
  ☆Extra boss [Older] Sister (Gengetsu)
    ・High-speed 96 lines of fire (Increases depending on your rank).
    ・Scattering fan-shaped lines of fire.
    ・Reflecting bullets + High-speed short laser.       **
    ・Line of fire that bends at a right angle + Omnidirectional confusion bullets.
    ・High-speed rapid fire (2, 4, 6 lines of fire, Self-aiming) **
    ・High-speed fan-shaped rapid fire.
    ・Omnidirectional short laser and large amounts of scattering bullets 
    (no blind spots!)                                          *
    ・Mid-Large laser + + Rapid fire from boss  ****
    ・Omnidirectional random short laser.       *
    ・Rapid fire of white bullets + 3 way scattering bullets.        *****
    ・Omnidirectional ultra-fast bullets (Takes time for her to go down)   Death

   Both of them are in Hibachi mode (which means, upon use of a bomb, barriers will
  form for them) so dealing with them is quite tough. Taking some time on any of the
  attacks will result in their firing lasers at you without delay, so make sure you
  defeat them quickly.

 ■5.Hints for earning more points

   First of all, for those who've cleared the game, please try playing for more
  points. This part is for those who want to get more points in the game: I'll
  give you some advices on what should you do to earn more points.
   Also, if you wait for a while on the title screen, demo replays will be shown
  (up to 4 different replays) including a scene that contains something like a
  hint of how to earn points. Maybe you should keep that in mind (or maybe not).

  ○Point Item Bonus (Dream Bonus)
   First, let's begin with basic point items.
   You need to remember where the enemies appear in order to effectively collect
   them. Needless to say, collecting them on the top of the screen will give you
   the most amount of points, but collecting them anywhere high up in the screen
   will give you correspondingly high scores.
   Also, how many point items you've collected in a stage is an important factor
   (It is reflected in your scores after you clear the stage).
   Even if you're not able to collect point items at the top of the screen,
   collecting a lot of them can also be good.
   Dream bonuses are important sources of clear bonus points, so make sure you
   don't die (Dream bonuses go down when you die).

  ○Bomb Bonus
   In fact, this is the most important bonus in this game.
   When you're using a bomb where there are lots of enemies, use the bomb at the
   topmost part of the screen, and you'll be able to collect all point items and
   get the most bonus points out of them (Even twice as much).
   You may get around 1 million ~ 3 million points per using a bomb, so make sure 
   you know where you're using your bombs.

  ○Enemy Fire Bonus
   Upon defeating mid-/stage bosses, all enemy bullets on screen add to your points.
   The only boss that has random attacks before defeat is Marisa of 4th stage.
   All other bosses have defined attacks before defeat.
   When the HP gauge of the Boss drops to 1 to 4 blocks, spam bullets and defeat the
   boss when it seems like there are lots of bullets on the screen.
   (Make sure you don't kill yourself from greed)
   (Appendix) Aim for around these score ranges in normal mode
    Stage 1 Midboss       160,000 ~
    Stage 1 Boss        600,000 ~
    Stage 2 Midboss       700,000 ~
    Stage 2 Boss       1,700,000 ~
    Stage 3 Midboss      1,400,000 ~
    Stage 3 Boss       1,500,000 ~
    Stage 4 Midboss      1,500,000 ~
    Stage 4 Boss 1 (Marisa)  800,000? ~ (With her random attacks in mind)
    Stage 4 Boss 2 (Reimu)  1,700,000 ~
    Stage 5 Boss       2,000,000 ~
    Stage 6 Boss       2,200,000 ~

  ○Grazing bonus
   Aim for getting bonus points from this whenever you can.
   Just make sure you don't die from overabusing it.
   However, there is more bonus added to your points after clearing the stage
   rather than the bonus added upon grazing, so on stages where there are lots
   of point items (such as stage 3 or 4), getting some graze bonuses will earn
   you a good deal of bonus points.
   Especially, in stage 4 and 6 there are lots of areas where you can use the
   grazing bonus, but don't overdo it, since you might end up dying.
   (The graze count only goes up to 999 for each stage)

  ○Sample target stage clear bonuses (My scores)
  (These data were obtained in Normal mode while using Reimu's wide shots)
   ・Stage 1 Clear   Above 6,200,000
   ・Stage 2 Clear   Above 14,500,000
   ・Stage 3 Clear   Above 32,000,000
   ・Stage 4 Clear   Above 54,200,000
   ・Stage 5 Clear   Above 63,000,000
   ・Stage 6 Clear   Above 90,000,000 (with 0~2 remaining lives)

   For reference, I usually get above 90 million.

  In reality, it seems like getting that many points is possible,
  but you keep dying at some points. 
  The game shows scores above 10 million in English. For instance, 
  100,000,000 points are shown as A0,000,000 points (but it is shown normally 
  when you record your scores)
  I doubt if there is anyone who can get above 100 million points.

  I think I got around 60 million in the extra stage.

  6.Words from the creator, ZUN

  Introductions aside, I'm ZUN.  (I wonder if anyone knows what I'm
  talking about?)

    In any case, in August of Heisei 10 (1997) I became a senior at this
  school, so next year (if everything goes well) I'll graduate.  When
  that happens, I believe I'll also graduate from the Amusement Makers.
    Well, I want to create more Touhou Project, though (really? ^^;).
  The works that my circle released into the world before C54, they're
  largely my own work, but ... I wonder if the new members will start
  making them next year~
    So, I'd like to initiate the underclassmen into the techniques of
  shooting games and let things naturally come to a close.
   That aside, I've given up my days of job hunting and have managed to
  find employment with a certain game company.  Since the specialize in
  arcade shooting games, I'd like to try making an arcade shrine maiden
  shooter (^^;

    So, I'll be planning to participate in this year's Winter Comiket,
  but there isn't much time between summer and winter.  I might be
  really busy with graduation, so I wonder if I'll be able to make a
  new game~  I might end up doing an improved version of PoDD or LLS
  if that happens.  I'd like to put something else.  (Everyone else is
  expecting me to.)

    Those guys aside, though, what do you think of LLS?  I like it quite
  a bit myself.  To tell the truth, I really like making music.  I put
  a lot of effort into the music this time around.  What do you think of it?
    Normally, I don't get to hear people's impressions of the music, so
  I'm especially curious what you think this time.
    I really hope you'll take the time to leave your impressions on the
  circle's bulletin board.  You can get to it from:
  http://www.kt.rim.or.jp/~aotaka/AM/  It'd be nice to hear at least what
  people's favorite songs are.  Of course, I'd also like to hear your
  impressions about the game.
    (By the way, I think the stage 5 theme, "Lotus Love", is my favorite
    this time around.)

    Would you mind if I put out a music anthology next Comiket? (^^;
  Is there anyone out there who has the power to make cool arrangements
  of my music, or transcribe it to MIDI? (^^;;
    If there are, please leave a note on the bulletin board above.
  (I'm serious ^^;;)

    The end.  Mmm, well, yeah.

                               uja uja


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English Translation


                 Lotus Land Story

            Make sure you read this before you start


 ■0.Table of Contents
  1.To those who want to play this game (Basic explanation of the game)
  2.If you've troubles or wondering what the heck is this?
    ●1.About startup
     Q.The game won't start.
     Q.How do I reset the game?
     Q.The loading time for the stage is too long. What should I do?
     Q.The game takes up too much CPU usage. Is this the machine's fault?

    ●2.About the game system
     Q.What are the special moves of each character?
     Q.I always get a bad ending...
     Q.What should I do to get higher scores?
     Q.What is the "Extra Start" underneath "Start"?

 ■1.To those who want to play this game
  ●Lotus Land Story is a vertical danmaku shooting game that consists of six
  stages in total (However, using a continue on Easy mode will lead to a bad
  ending on stage 5. To get a good ending, practice on Easy mode and move on to
  a difficulty of Normal or higher!! Of course, continuing in the final stage
  is not available).

  ●Since it does not require any special controls or anything, even a first-time
  player can easily start playing. Pressing shift while moving will slow your
  character down. When playing with a keyboard, keep that in mind.

  ●The game takes a feeling of a shooting game of the late 90's. Of course,
  it involves going through danmaku hell. However, it may not be that difficult,
  as enemy fire is slow, and, above the fact that your character is small, your
  hit-box is actually even smaller. You get it, right? (^^

  ●There's nothing bad about taking items that are dropped from enemies. Make
  sure you keep in mind the tough parts of the game, and collect them as you
  evade enemy fire.

  ●Make sure you don't lose the chance to collect any of the big items.
  (Power up (large), 1UP, Bomb stock, Full power up)

  ●You should keep in mind in that the bomb only delivers damage enough for you
  to make it through emergency situations or earn extra bonuses from their usage. 
  Spamming them in a boss fight won't defeat the boss. It might be better to 
  patternize your usage of bombs to avoid wasting them.

  ●If you want to know more about each item's effect, various bonuses, extending,
  etc., read Gensokyo.TXT.

  ●Next, try your best!!

 ■ 2.If you've troubles or wondering what the heck is this?

    ●1.About startup
    Q. The game won't start.
    A. Perhaps you've not enough memory? You'll need enough free memory (approximately
    Also, if you're playing on CanBe, unzip canbe.lzh, play on GAMECB.BAT.

    Q. How do I reset the game?
    A. Use RESET.BAT. Then you'll return to the state right after installation.
    This will erase all your high scores. It will also re-lock the extra stage.
    If you want to keep your high scores and what not, and go back to selecting your
    sound source for the game, just delete MIKO.CFG.

    Q. The loading time for the stage is too long. What should I do?
    A. All game data are saved in a single file, so it may take quite a while to read
    it all. On an MO or an FD it might drive you nuts, so play it on the HD (Hard-drive)
    if possible. Also, playing on a RAM disk may result in loss of records unless you
    save a separate score file.
    It's a good idea to prepare a cache even if playing on a Hard disk drive.

    Also, some of you might be using EMS memory. If there is no useable EMS memory,
    expect some delay before the start or the stage or the boss fight.
    (Just for the pacing of the game there is some delay between stages. It might be
    kind of awkward to move on straight ahead to the next stage after clearing one).

    Q. The game takes up too much CPU usage. Is this the machine's fault?
    A. Probably it would (^^; A CPU of 486 (66MHz) or above is recommended for this game. 
    Also, the capability of the VRAM plays a crucial role here, so simply switching your
    old CPU to a new one might have no effect. Also, the game does use extended memory, but 
    since it has nothing to do with the game taking up much CPU usage, it would have no
    effect either.
    Whatever the case, just go ahead play the game on the fast Win98.

    ●2.About the game system
    Q. Introduce me each character.
   ○Reimu  ・Searching shot
          A very convenient firing for clearing the stage.
          But she just kills everything in sight with this so you might have trouble
          collecting items dropped from enemies. Not recommended for earning scores.
        ・Wide shot
          Very powerful when you're facing lesser enemies, but cannot deal sufficient
          damage to the boss unless closing up on her.
          Maybe efficient for scoring (or so I think?)
   ○Marisa ・Illusion laser
          Given that it's a laser, it may give you the feeling that it is hard to use.
          However, since it has a penetrating shot, it is powerful in both boss fights
          and fights against lesser enemies (Especially on stage 4 where there are tougher
          You could probably defeat the boss with ease.
        ・Rapid shot
          A linear line of fire that is convenient for use.
          The most standard line of fire, but since it has a narrow range of attack, the
          player must move around a lot.
          Anyways it is convenient for use.

    Q. I always get a bad ending...
    A. That is, if you're playing on a difficulty of easy or if you used a continue, you'll
    get a bad ending. Especially playing on easy for no matter how long will not give you a
    good ending.
    On the final stage, a game over is a game over: No continues, so watch out for that.

    Q. What should I do to get higher scores?
    A. First things first, the most important thing is the point item. Make sure you
    memorize the locations of each enemy in each stage and collect their point items from the
    top of the screen.
    The next thing is the bomb bonus. Using the bomb at the highest part of the screen
    when there are many enemies will give great results.
    The rest comes from bullets: Think about the timing of defeating Mid-/Stage bosses.
    Grazing bonuses are quite risky so I'll tell you about them later.
    OMAKE.TXT has hints for those who want scores, so go ahead take a look.

    Q. What is the "Extra Start" underneath "Start"?
    A. That is only for characters that have cleared the game without continuing.
    Albeit, it is only one stage...
    A pair of sinister twin sisters(!) will greet you with danmaku of ultimate beauty!


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English Translation

        Touhou Project the 4th
                  Lotus Land Story

■0.Before we begin
  Thanks for purchasing
   Vertical Danmaku shooting of a dear shrine maiden in a Fantasy world
          Lotus Land Story
 Read this manual carefully, and let's fall into the ultimate beauty
 of danmaku(^^;

■1.Configuration for usage
 ●pc98 / EPSON PC with an ECG equipped (Excluding PC98-NX)
 ●CPU of above 486 (CPU of 486 (66MHz) recommended)
 ●Free main memory of above 540Kbyte
 ●Source for FM music
 ●Hard disk drive with an empty space of at least 2Mbyte

■2.How to install
 Insert the floppy disk in the drive, and input the following in the command

      INSTALL (Name of drive where you'll be installing):

  e.g.)INSTALL A:   (The game will install on drive A)

 Keep in mind that you'll need at least 4MB of free memory while installing.

 (If you want to install manually)
 Copy GENSO1.EXE from Disk1, and GENSO2.EXE from Disk2 and run them both.

■3.How to start
 Go to the Directory where you installed your game and input "GAME".
 The title screen will appear and you can choose from 6 options.
 START      ・・ Start the Game.
 EXTRA START ・ Start the Extra Stage.
 HISCORE   ・・・ View High score.
 MUSIC ROOM ・・ Listen to music and read comments.
 OPTION    ・・・ Modify settings.
 QUIT      ・・・ Return to DOS.

■4.Playable characters
 There are two playable characters. Each character has two possible subweapons
 to choose from.
  ●Reimu Hakurei (The shrine maiden)
   ・Search shot
   ・Wide shot
  ●Marisa Kirisame (The witch)
   ・Illusion laser
   ・Rapid shot

■5.Game storyline

  A vertically scrolling danmaku shooting game that takes place in a mysterious
 There seems to be a lot of bullets, but it's a game that anybody could enjoy
 ...Or maybe it is.


 ●Movement (Any of these will work)
  Cursor NUMPAD Joystick
    ↑    789     ↑
   ← →   4 6     ←→
    ↓    123     ↓
  *Pressing shift key while moving slows your character down
   (useful in avoiding enemy fire)
   Z key, or B key if using a Joystick.
   X key, or A key if using a Joystick.

 ●ESC key pauses the game.
        Pressing Q key during pause will force quit the game.
        Also, pressing the ESC key during an ending will speed through
        the ending.

■7.About items
  P(Red) ・・・ Shot power increases.
  Point(Purple) ・・・ You earn points. The higher you obtain it in the screen
          the greater the points you earn.
  Dream(Cyan) ・・・ Increases the amount of points earned upon obtaining point
  S(Red) ・・・ Shot power increases by 10.
  B(Green) ・・・ You obtain one more bomb.
  1UP(Blue) ・・・ You obtain one more life.
  F(Yellow) ・・・ Full power up.

■8.All other game systems
 ●Extra lives
  attaining 3 million, 8 million, 15 million, 22 million, and 30 million points
  will earn you an extra life.
 ●Using a bomb will collect all items that appear on the screen (with a score
  multiplier of x2)
 ●Grazing enemy fire will earn you points
 ●Bonus points from defeating bosses
  and so on, there are many other bonuses available.
  For details, please read Gensokyo.TXT.

  For details about the story or the game system, read Gensokyo.TXT after
  installing the game.

  If, by any chance, you can't install the game or, due to faulty disk, you
 cannot run the game, or if you have such problems, please contact me at the
 address below.

Saitamaken Higashi-Matsuyamashi Motojuku 1-6-5 Nakamura building room 208
         Oota Junya(ZUN)


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  • OMAKE.TXT, README.TXT, and 幻想郷_1.TXT, files included with the game
  • 体験版.TXT, file included with the trial version