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Luna Child

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ˈluːˌnə t͡ʃaɪɬd (♫)
Luna Child [1]
Lunar Child [2]; Lunarchild [3]

More Alternative Spellings
Luna Child
Luna Child in Fairy Wars
Silent Moon Light
More Character Titles



Muting (the surrounding) sound


Unknown, immortal


Member of the Three Fairies of Light


Near the Hakurei Shrine (formerly Forest of Magic)

Music Themes
Official Games
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"Sorry to say, but the night is my specialty.
This is where your advance ends!"
Luna Child (Fairy Wars Stage 3)

Luna Child (ルナチャイルド Runa Chairudo) is a fairy and one of the members of the Three Fairies of Light, composed of her, Sunny Milk, and Star Sapphire. She currently lives in a tree close to the Hakurei Shrine with her two partners. She often pranks humans along with her two partners, using her ability to mute sound around her to her advantage.

General Information

Luna first appeared in the manga Touhou Sangetsusei's first work Eastern and Little Nature Deity as one of the three protagonists, and had the same role throughout the sub-series. ZUN stated that the reason why he chose Luna, Sunny, and Star as main characters is because the three of them have little fighting ability, yet are much more outgoing than Rinnosuke Morichika, making them ideal characters for introducing various aspects of Gensokyo's daily life that Rinnosuke doesn't participate in.[Ref. Needed] She later made an appearance in a game as a boss in Fairy Wars and a background appearance in Hopeless Masquerade.

Luna, much like her partners, is not very powerful. Her power allows her to mute sound around her, although, when used in tandem with Sunny's power to refract light, they can be a powerful stealthy pair. Luna, much like Sunny Milk, gets weaker when her natural element, the moon, isn't present in the sky. During Strange and Bright Nature Deity, Luna moves from her residence in the Forest of Magic to a new home near to the Hakurei Shrine.


Luna is often described as clumsy and maybe even stupid at times, and is as curious as other fairies. She has a rare characteristic for a fairy: she loves coffee beans and is sometimes seen stealing some from humans, and she is also fond of alcohol. In the mangas, she's always tripping over something – even over nothing. Fairies are generally considered to have a quite different mindset compared to humans due to their unique nature. However, Luna's apparently depicted a bit different to the usual fairies: She tends to read books and newspaper, and has a habit of a sceptical and rather logical thinking. Her common sense is more closer to humans in this regard. As result, the "stupid" she's commonly associated with is a lack of practical smarts, not book knowledge.


Muting (the surrounding) sound
Luna, muting rain in Eastern and Little Nature Deity
Luna, muting an area in Strange and Bright Nature Deity

Luna is able to mute all the sounds around her. It is self-styled as "the ultimate fairy weapon in hide-and-seek". In hide-and-seek, it might seem that her ability is weaker than Sunny Milk or Star Sapphire – but, just like Sunny who manipulates vision, it is an ability suited for mischief, and it is not simply a specified range, and as she is able to consciously mute only a specified sound, it has high usefulness. However, since she also uses this ability even when it isn't necessary to mute sound, there are also instances of appealing for existence.

In chapter 1 of Strange and Bright Nature Deity, it was said "she is not able to erase anything other than sound, so it is the most disadvantageous," but however it is conceived, Star Sapphire who can't grasp anything other than position is more disadvantageous. Also in the manga, the ability was changed to "ability to manipulate moonlight", but the substance of the ability has not changed. Different from Sunny, there has not been a depiction where she manipulated moonlight.

Also, by bathing in moonlight, she is able to quickly recover her wounds. Since she receives the influence of moonlight, the condition of the moon gives forth the quality of her ability.

Furthermore, in Touhou Sangetsusei, any ability has no effect under Reisen Udongein Inaba's ability to manipulate wavelengths. As opposed to Sunny and Luna who manipulate wavelengths in a very limited manner, it can be said that Reisen manipulates wavelengths in a more comprehensive manner.

Previously upon meeting Yukari Yakumo, she received advice regarding the true nature of the power of the "light of the moon", but due to tension, she did not hear anything but half of the talk, and for some reason she forgot (or was made to forget) the contents of the talk.[4] Because of that, she probably wants to meet again the youkai she met at that time – Yukari; in actuality, she met her several times afterwards. Yukari said "the power of the light of the moon is even superior to the light of the sun. A peaceful power, the colour of the heart, sorrows, the light of the moon is a light that does not bewilder anything. Come now, wake up. Why do you think you are treated well by the other light of the sun and the light of the stars?"

Character Design

Luna, as illustrated in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense


Her full name is Luna Child (ルナチャイルド Runa Chairudo). Luna's name is based on the element which she draws power from: the moon. Her name also has a few official English translations, such as "Luna Child" itself[1], "Lunar Child"[2] and "Lunarchild" [3]. The data files in Hopeless Masquerade furthers the use of "Luna", although this is likely the use of romanising.


Luna Child's depiction remains the same throughout her presence in the series, although she receives a few minor clothing alterations. In Eastern and Little Nature Deity, Luna has red eyes and yellow hair, arranged into six princess curls on both sides of her head, as well as a pair of wings. She wears a white and black dress having long sleeves and a few black ribbons at the front of her dress, along with a big one below her neck and an even bigger one in her back. She also has a white shoulder cloth having black outlines, and a white beret with black ribbons attached on its sides. She wears a pair of slippers as well. When reading books, she's sometimes depicted with reading glasses.

In Strange and Bright Nature Deity, Luna's long sleeves are now short and puffy. In Fairy Wars, the lunar cycle is represented at the bottom of Luna's dress, although in her later appearances in Strange and Bright Nature Deity and Oriental Sacred Place, it isn't present.



Fairy Wars
Luna's sprite in FW

In Strange and Bright Nature Deity, during New Year's eve, Sunny Milk decides that she wants to bond all the fairies together to cause an incident. Sunny then crushes Cirno's home, along with her partners including Luna who follows Sunny's plan and leaving a flag showcasing images of their faces to show their superiority. Afterwards, Cirno sets on sending them a declaration of war, but the fairy trio believes that it's from the humans and train for the months to come everyday, believing they would soon fight Reimu Hakurei.

The next spring, they are confronted by Cirno, who was reminded by the fairies flag that they had destroyed her house months prior, resulting in the Fairy War.

Hopeless Masquerade
Luna in HM

Luna made a background cameo appearance in Hopeless Masquerade on the Hakurei Shrine, Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum and Youkai Tanuki Forest stage. On each stage, she is seen with Star Sapphire and Sunny Milk floating and cheering.


Eastern and Little Nature Deity / Strange and Bright Nature Deity / Oriental Sacred Place / Visionary Fairies in Shrine

These graphic novels follow the daily occurrences of Luna Child, Sunny Milk, and Star Sapphire.

Forbidden Scrollery

The three fairies of light makes a few appearances in Forbidden Scrollery. Notably in chapter 22 whereby Luna Child in iconic fashion is tripping over while fleeing from Reimu Hakurei.

Lotus Eaters

Luna can be seen playing around the Hakurei Shrine during the events of Lotus Eaters.


Sunny Milk & Star Sapphire

Luna lives with Sunny Milk and Star Sapphire in the same house. They often go out together when playing pranks, although Sunny Milk is usually the mastermind of their plans. She, along with her two partners, met a lot of the residents of Gensokyo in their daily adventures.

Reimu Hakurei

Reimu is often the target of the Three Fairies' pranks.

Marisa Kirisame

They are also one of the few customers who actually used the services of Marisa's Kirisame Magic Shop, its owner sometimes help the trio, and the opposite as well, although she's also prone to their pranks.


They are also impressed by Cirno's ability to control ice, asking her to help with some pranks, but soon after end up in a small war against her. Cirno is also part of their hot summer counter-measure, creating free ice blocks for them.


Clownpiece is their neighboring fairy after moving into the Hakurei Shrine. She goes along with their shenanigans from time to time.

Nitori Kawashiro

During the events of Hopeless Masquerade, Luna Child was working with Sunny Milk and Star Sapphire at Nitori's stall, near the Hakurei Shrine.

Alice Margatroid

Alice is one of the few Youkai the Three Fairies would seek assistance from.





Spell Cards


Luna Child

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 10
月符「ルナティックレイン」 Moon Sign "Lunatic Rain" FW
A-1: E/N/H/L
月符「ルナサイクロン」 Moon Sign "Luna Cyclone" FW A-1: E/N/H/L
月光「サイレントストーム」 Moonlight "Silent Storm" FW B1-3: E/N/H/L
月光「ダークスティルネス」 Moonlight "Dark Stillness" FW B2-2: E/N/H/L
障光「ムーンライトウォール」 Hindering Light "Moonlight Wall" FW B2-2: E/N/H/L
夜符「ナイトフェアリーズ」 Night Sign "Night Fairies" FW B2-2: E/N/H/L
月光「サイレントフラワー」 Moonlight "Silent Flower" FW C1-3: E/N/H/L
月光「ムーンスティルネス」 Moonlight "Moon Stillness" FW C2-2: E/N/H/L
光壁「ウォールブレイク」 Light Barrier "Wall Break" FW C2-2: E/N/H/L
月光「サイレントサイクロン」 Moonlight "Silent Cyclone" FW C2-2: E/N/H/L

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 17
光符「ブライトナイト」 Light Sign "Bright Night" Led by Luna Child FW B1-3: E/N/H/L
月熱「アイスディゾルバー」 Moonfire "Ice Dissolver" Led by Luna Child FW
B1-3: E/N/H/L
C1-3: E/N/H/L
空符「ブレイクキャノピー」 Sky Sign "Break Canopy" Led by Luna Child FW B1-3: E/N/H/L
光符「フルムーンナイト」 Light Sign "Full Moon Night" Led by Luna Child FW C1-3: E/N/H/L
降光「トリプルライト」 Falling Light "Triple Light" Led by Luna Child FW C1-3: E/N/H/L
光符「トリプルメテオ」 Light Sign "Triple Meteor" Led by Star Sapphire FW A2-3: E/N/H/L
星熱「アイスディゾルバー」 Starfire "Ice Dissolver" Led by Star Sapphire FW
A2-3: E/N/H/L
B2-3: E/N/H/L
光星「オリオンベルト」 Bright Star "Orion Belt" Led by Star Sapphire FW
A2-3: E/N/H/L
光符「エクステンシブメテオ」 Light Sign "Extensive Meteor" Led by Star Sapphire FW B2-3: E/N/H/L
光星「グレートトライアングル」 Bright Star "Great Triangle" Led by Star Sapphire FW B2-3: E/N/H/L
光符「ルチルフレクション」 Light Sign "Rutile Flection" Led by Sunny Milk FW A1-3: E/N/H/L
日熱「アイスディゾルバー」 Sunfire "Ice Dissolver" Led by Sunny Milk FW
A1-3: E/N/H/L
C2-3: E/N/H/L
空符「エルフィンキャノピー」 Sky Sign "Elfin Canopy" Led by Sunny Milk FW A1-3: E/N/H/L
光符「ハイパーインクレクション」 Light Sign "Hyper Inflection" Led by Sunny Milk FW C2-3: E/N/H/L
激光「サンバースト」 Violent Light "Sunburst" Led by Sunny Milk FW C2-3: E/N/H/L
協力技「フェアリーオーバードライブ」 Team Tech "Fairy Overdrive" Appears at the end of all routes. It slightly varies depending on who is leading it. FW A1-3: E/N/H/L
A2-3: E/N/H/L
B1-3: E/N/H/L
B2-3: E/N/H/L
C1-3: E/N/H/L
C2-3: E/N/H/L
「スリーフェアリーズ」 "Three Fairies" Appears at the end of all routes. It slightly varies depending on who is leading it. FW A1-3: E/N/H/L
A2-3: E/N/H/L
B1-3: E/N/H/L
B2-3: E/N/H/L
C1-3: E/N/H/L
C2-3: E/N/H/L

Additional Information

  • Luna, Sunny and Star are the first characters in the series to originally appear in a comic, then later in a game.
  • Luna Child has one appearance more than her two partners, appearing as a cameo in Wild and Horned Hermit Chapter 2.
  • In the Fairy of the Moon, Yukari said she was the most closest to youkai among the Three Fairies.


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