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月人 (つきびと) / (つき) (たみ)
Moon people, people of the moon

The Moon, Eientei

Notable Members

The Lunarians (月人 tsukibito, lit. "moon people"), also 月の民 (Tsuki no Tami, lit. "people of the moon") are the people living on or coming from the Moon. The term refers to a specific species, but more generally refers to humans and gods that ascended from the Earth and took control of the moon. This does not include moon rabbits.

Lunarians in Touhou

Thousands of years ago, the original Lunarians consisting of Lord Tsukuyomi and his most trusted relatives, including the older Eirin Yagokoro, came from the Earth to the moon. They were able to do so because they had the revelation that the world was built on probabilities and anything could happen, allowing them to artificially increase the probability that living beings on Earth would find their way to the Moon. [1] Their reason was to leave the impurity that was ravaging the land. [2] It somewhat implied that the original Lunarians were human, as the Lunarians resemble humans in most ways to the point where they can live as humans (functionally speaking) on Earth[3], and are classified as human in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense (however, the author Hieda no Akyu does not seem to be aware of the extraterrestrial origins of the people being classified as such). However, Lunarians are closer in nature to hermits or celestials than normal humans.[4] They naturally live much longer lives, and are even said to live forever; they are not true immortals, however, and may die eventually due to unnatural causes such as accidents or battles. [5] Lunarians also allegedly have superhuman stamina and abilities beyond even youkai of the Earth, and possess some of the most advanced technology that there is. [6]

Supposedly, according to Kaguya Houraisan, the Lunarians not only are the originators of most powers on Earth, but also turned some earthlings into monsters in order to regulate the Earth's impurity.[7] However, Yukari Yakumo has an alternate origin of youkai, saying in narrative to herself that it was the moon's dim light which gave birth to the youkai in a manner of speaking, by causing humanity to fear and create legends about them. [8] The two explanations are not entirely mutually exclusive, and may be a result of differing outlooks or parts on the matter. For example, the Lunarians may have purposefully dimmed the moon's light to make humanity's fears create the youkai.

The Lunar Capital appears to have a mix of Chinese and Japanese architecture and dress styles, but the extent of the connection between Lunarians and these cultures is unknown.

Characters under this Bestiary

Resides in the Lunar Capital
Resides in Gensokyo

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