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Lyrica Prismriver

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Lyrica Prismriver
ɾiɾika̠ pɯᵝɾizɯᵝmɯᵝɾiβa̠ː (♫)
Lyrica Prismriver
Poltergeist Keyboardist
More Character Titles

Phantom (Poltergeist) (not native to Gensokyo)


Performing on musical instruments without hands or feet, performing illusionary notes


Keyboardist of a musical performance ensemble


Ruined Western Mansion

Music Themes
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"Rainbows are the bass sounds of this world.
Exceeding the rainbows are illusionary sounds. That's where I come in."
Lyrica Prismriver (Phantasmagoria of Flower View)

Lyrica Prismriver (リリカ・プリズムリバー Ririka Purizumuribaa) is a member of the Prismriver Sisters who performs magnificent music as part of the "Prismriver Ensemble" along with Lunasa Prismriver and Merlin Prismriver.

General Information

Lyrica first made her debut on as the stage 4 boss of Perfect Cherry Blossom and appeared as a playable character in Phantasmagoria of Flower View. She also made a cameo in Hopeless Masquerade.


Lyrica has a very clever attitude. Normally, she is the one convincing her sisters to fight because she doesn't like to battle alone. Making the minimum effort to get the maximum benefit is the only thing she thinks of. She knows herself every well. She doesn't act without being 3 movements ahead [1]


Performing on musical instruments without hands or feet

In Perfect Cherry Blossom, this is the ability that all three sisters have been specified to have. This probably derives from the ability poltergeists have, put to specific use in performing with musical instruments. By manipulating the spirits of instruments, they're able to manipulate the spirits of notes to create sounds. Since they needn't have direct contact with the instruments, they're able to play music impossible to play by hand.

Since the three sisters' musical performance is something that they have learned themselves after Layla's death, their previous ability was probably along the lines of "moving things without hands or feet" or "performing notes without hands or feet". The former is because poltergeists in general can move things and made them float. The latter is because in the general phenomena of poltergeists, they can be heard from anywhere, like a rapping noise for example.

Performing illusionary notes

Illusionary notes are notes that don't exist in the natural world, the "dead" notes of the outside world, so to say. It integrates "melancholic" and "maniac" notes and has an effect of making them easier to hear. The added effect of making the three sisters' performance more tolerable to its listeners is due to her help.

As the keyboard is like an illusion[2], it seems like a symbol of an instrument that performs notes that have been lost (become dead) in the outside world. It has no effect on the mind and spirit, but perhaps since it does not directly resound in the mind and spirit, it seems that according to Marisa Kirisame, although her performance has technique, it doesn't resound with the heart, and is therefore dull.[3]

Also, due to playing notes of this characteristic, even if she wins in Phantasmagoria of Flower View, she has, unfortunately, no special production unlike her older sisters.


Although strictly speaking, poltergeists and phantoms seem different, upon some principle in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, they have been categorised as phantoms. They're not what has become of living people and animals after death, but rather have an existence created by Layla Prismriver. Generally, it may be more proper to call them magic beings or spirits. It is known based on their official profiles and from comments by Eiki that none of the original four sisters are still alive today, though it is unknown how long ago the events were that spawned these three poltergeists occurred.

Character Design

Lyrica's depiction in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense.


Her full name is Lyrica Prismriver (リリカ・プリズムリバー). "Lyrica" is likely to have derived from "lyric" (リリック), relating to musical drama and opera, or "lyrics" (歌詞 kashi), the words to a particular song (or other vocal music). Although, "lyrics" can also be a plural for "lyric", meaning that the non-plural refers to one line within a song. In the data files for Hopeless Masquerade, her name was romanised as "ririka", rather than an actual translation.

Sometimes "Prismriver" is translated as niji-kawa (虹川), which means "rainbow river", even though "rainbow" does not mean "prism". Thus, she and her sisters are sometimes referred to as the "niji-kawa sisters" (虹川三姉妹). The middle dot () in the middle of her name is used in foreign names to show where the next word begins.


Lyrica wears red clothing, is a keyboardist, and is the third sister. She has brown eyes, short light brown hair, and is always seen with her winged keyboard floating nearby. The keyboard has "L.P." (her initials) written. Her band uniform is red, with pink and black trim. She is sometimes depicted as wearing shorts due to the way her portraits appear in Perfect Cherry Blossom and Phantasmagoria of Flower View, but her sprites from PoFV and Antimony of Common Flowers depict her wearing a skirt. Her hat has a green shooting star decoration at the peak. Her alternative outfit in Phantasmagoria of Flower View is the same as her normal outfit, except her hair is lighter in colour, her clothes are yellow, and her hat's shooting star is blue. Her keyboard has "Prismriver" written on it. According to ZUN's E-mails, she's also the shortest of the three.



Perfect Cherry Blossom
Lyrica's sprite in PCB

During the events of Perfect Cherry Blossom, the three Prismriver sisters are preparing to play a concert for the flower viewing at Hakugyokurou. They attempt to stop the player from entering the Netherworld together, and the progression of the battle is affected by which sister the player decides to focus on attacking during their first spell card. The dialogue they bounce back and forth between each other and the player is actually quite comical, and shows their very individual personalities. Lunasa is mature and mellow, Merlin is happy-go-lucky and clueless, and Lyrica is a sly smart-alack.

Phantasmagoria of Flower View
Lyrica's back sprite in PoFV

In Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Lyrica goes around Gensokyo because the only thing Lyrica is interested in is finding a good place for a solo performance and to find new sounds to use. However, she just keeps bumping into weird people while looking for a place to play until she gets more and more lost. Finally, she ends in Higan against Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu, who reveals that her sisters, Lunasa and Merlin, were following her her throughout her scenario because they were interested on what she was doing and to come out when things got dangerous.


Lyrica in HM
Hopeless Masquerade

Lyrica made a background cameo appearance in Hopeless Masquerade on the Palanquin Ship and Divine Spirit Mausoleum stage. She is seen floating happily with her sisters playing her floating keyboard.

Antinomy of Common Flowers

Lyrica made a cameo in Antinomy of Common Flowers in the Concert Stage of the Sun. She is seen playing her keyboard with her sisters and Raiko Horikawa.



Lyrica has two other sisters, Lunasa Prismriver and Merlin Prismriver, who all three were created by their fourth sister Layla Prismriver, who is now deceased. They perform music and festivals as a trio. Because these three sisters are created Poltergeists who were made by Layla to have the appearance and personalities of her three older sisters from whom she had been separated, they're technically all the same age since they were presumably created at the same time. They only act out the roles of oldest, middle, and youngest sister based on whichever one they were made to resemble.

Raiko Horikawa

Raiko is now a member of the Prismriver band, and she performs with the Prismriver sisters at festivals. It's unknown what exact relationship Raiko has with the sisters.

Yuyuko Saigyouji

Yuyuko Saigyouji was their employer during the events of Perfect Cherry Blossom.







Name Translated Comments Games Usage
Total: 2
「キーボード靈」 "Keyboard Spirit" PoFV Charge attack
「ファンタムノイズ」 "Phantom Noise" PoFV EX attack

Spell Cards

Spell cards

Lyrica Prismriver

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 4
冥鍵「ファツィオーリ冥奏」 Nether Keys "Fazioli Nether Performance" PCB
St. 4: E/N
鍵霊「ベーゼンドルファー神奏」 Key Spirit "Bösendorfer Divine Performance" PCB St. 4: H/L
騒符「ソウルノイズフロー」 Noise Sign "Soul Noise Flow" PoFV Use
騒符「リリカ・ソロライブ」 Noise Sign "Lyrica Solo Live" PoFV Use

Prismriver Sisters

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 7
騒符「ファントムディニング」 Noisy Sign "Phantom Dinning" PCB St. 4: E/N
騒符「ライブポルターガイスト」 Noisy Sign "Live Poltergeist" PCB
St. 4: H/L
合葬「プリズムコンチェルト」 Funeral Concert "Prism Concerto" PCB St. 4: E/N
騒葬「スティジャンリバーサイド」 Noisy Funeral "Stygian Riverside" PCB St. 4: H/L
大合葬「霊車コンチェルトグロッソ」 Great Funeral Concert "Spirit Wheel Concerto Grosso" PCB St. 4: E/N
大合葬「霊車コンチェルトグロッソ改」 Great Funeral Concert "Spirit Wheel Concerto Grosso: Revised" PCB St. 4: H
大合葬「霊車コンチェルトグロッソ怪」 Great Funeral Concert "Spirit Wheel Concerto Grosso: Wonderous" PCB St. 4: L

Additional Information


Official Profiles

Perfect Cherry Blossom - キャラ設定.txt
Phantasmagoria of Flower View - キャラ設定.txt
Lyrica Prismriver  ○騒霊キーボーディスト

  Lyrica Prismriver




Poltergeist Keyboardist

Lyrica Prismriver

Species: Poltergeist
Abilities: Performing illusionary notes

The third daughter of the Prismriver Sisters, who are always
busy going to and fro to perform in concerts.
Specializing in keyboards, she uses illusionary sounds lost from this world.

She didn't think much of the "flower incident"; all she saw was Gensokyo
in a hubbub, so she went out to collect sound material without telling her sisters.

Official Sources

Official sources