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"" by Diao ye zong
Featured in:
  • 「」
  • length: 4:27
  • arrangement: RD-Sounds
  • lyrics: RD-Sounds
  • vocals: めらみぽっぷ, nayuta
  • original title: 夜雀の歌声 ~ Night Bird
  • source: 東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night
    Stage 2 Theme
Original Translation


“Let’s go!”

ああ何の因果でこんな命生を受け 思うまま叫べず何もかも耐えなければならない!

Ah, why was I born to such a life? I can’t scream to my heart’s content, and I’ve gotta put up with everything!

ああ何の因果でこんな命生を受け 満足にも歌えず声を潜めなければならない!

Ah, why was I born to such a life? I can’t sing ‘till I’m satisfied, and I’ve gotta keep my voice hidden!

今宵ここが我らの居場所 人は暗夜に灯を消せ消せ!

Tonight, this is where we belong. Humans in the dark will put out the lights! (1)

色即是空空即是色 そんな言葉じゃ満たされないわ!

“Form is emptiness, emptiness is form.” As if I’m gonna be satisfied by words like that!

叫べ 混沌を呼べ さあ叫べ

Scream! Invoke madness! Come on, scream!

「精進とか——ッ」 「全部全部——ッ」 「知ったことか——ッ」 「どうだ——ッ」 「叫んでこその——ッ」 「ヤマビコだ——ッ」

Asceticism and all that stuff’s got nothing to do with me! How about it?! I’m a Yamabiko, one who’ll scream out for sure!

ああこんな毎日何もかもがつまらない どうして!ずっと変わらない座禅とか!そういうのばっかり!!

Ah, each and every day, nothing ever goes my way. Why’ve I gotta be roasted just ‘cause I’m a bird? Why’ve I gotta be served up?

ああこんな毎日何もかもがつまらない どうして!ずっと変わらない座禅とか!そういうのばっかり!!

Ah, each and every day is so boring! Why’ve I always gotta keep the same cross-legged pose?! Why’ve I gotta keep doing that sorta stuff? (2)

ぎゃーていぎゃーてい波羅波羅ぎゃーてい 言えて救われりゃ苦労はないわ!

Go, go, head to Higan! (3) If I’ll be saved by saying it, then I’ve got no troubles at all!

歌え歌え生きて歌えよ 死して歌える歌なんてない!

Sing, sing, live and sing! It’s not like you can sing anything after you die!

叫べ 里にも響け さあ叫べ

Scream! Scream all the way to the village! Come on, scream!

「巫女が怖くて——ッ」 「妖怪が——ッ」 「やってられるか——!!」

We’re scared of that shrine maiden, but as if us youkai will be beaten by her!

「そうだ——ッ」 「たとえ翼が傷つき——ッ」 「倒れても——ッ」

That’s right! Even if my wings get hurt and I fall down…

「いけ—— ミステイア——ッ!!」

“You got this, Mystia!”

けれど今宵この歌声は けして誰にも止められないわ!

…But there’s no way anyone can stop us while we sing tonight!

抑えられた心の声は その分だけ強さを増すのよ!

The voices of our hearts were suppressed but that’ll just make them even stronger!

叫べ 魂の声 さあ叫べ

Scream with the voice of your soul. Come on, scream!

「妖精も妖怪も——ッ」 「みんなみんな——ッ」 「叫べ——ッ」

Fairies and youkai… Everyone, scream!

「どうだ——ッ」 「思い知ったか——ッ」 「主に人間——ッ!!!」

How about it? Have you noticed us? Humans, mainly…

Lyrics source: Translations by Releska

(1) This line is a reference to Mystia’s interview in Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red.

(2) The ‘cross-legged pose’ is 座禅 (zazen, a form of seated Zen meditation).

(3) This phrase (羯諦羯諦波羅波羅羯諦) is related to the Heart sutra, and parts of it appear in Kyouko’s Ten Desires portait in hiragana.