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Colours of the Wind by ShinRa-Bansho
Original Translation

四月は別れの桜 五月の雨は冷たい 雨上がり空を飛ぶ 六月の花嫁 七月の温い風と 八月の暑さに耐えて お空に浮かぶ九月の 十六夜月

In April, the cherry blossoms of parting bloom. In May, the rain is cold. The June bride flies in the sky after the rain. July brings warm winds And August brings heat, but one must endure it. In September, the post-full moon floats in the sky. [1]

私の多世界的な解釈も(解釈も) 流行の服に 勝ち目がない

Even my multi-world interpretation (interpretation) doesn’t have chances to surpass fashionable clothes.

過ぎ去る季節の中 神社の中 パステルカラーで 今日はそんな 見守ってる 神様の誕生日

As the seasons pass, The shrine is decked out in pastel colours. Today is the birthday of the god That watches over it.

十二月の雪化粧 一月は泉も凍る 忘れさられた二月の鬼が逃げる

December brings a blanket of snow And in January, even the springs freeze. The demons of February, left behind, run away.

私とヒューマニズムとラブレター(ラブレター) まぜこぜにしても 分離剥離

Myself, humanism, and love letters— (love letters) Even if you mix them together, they’ll come apart again.

チャンネル回るテレビ 騒ぐラジオ 天気予報は雨 今日はそんな 誰でもない 神様とお買い物 紫外線 逸れる 逆さまてるてるボーズ 雨のち晴れ ところにより 神様の誕生会

I change the channels on the TV. The radio is noisy. The weather report predicts rain. Today, I’ll go shopping with God. They’re not special at all. The UV rays run wild And the teru teru bozu is upside-down. [2] The showers will clear, at least in some places. It’s God’s birthday party.

そう 空を飛べば 自由になる 私だけの 私になれる (祈り届け 願い届け それでこそ 奇跡と呼べる)

Yes, when I fly in the sky, I can be free. I can be myself, someone for me alone. (If my wishes, my prayers arrive, then you could call it a miracle.)

月日はどんどん過ぎて 夢とか希望も入退院 家なき子はもういない 神様はいやしない

The days pass And hopes and dreams check in and out of hospital. The homeless child isn’t here anymore And God isn’t here, either.

どこまでも 落ちる鳥居 跳ねるコイン さようならの雨 そんな声で 願われても 奇跡とかおこらない もーいーかーい? まーだだよ 一人のかくれんぼ 今日はそんな いるはずない 神様の誕生日 (風に揺られて) とーべ (季節も過ぎる) とーべ (ラララ ララララ) とーべ (ラララ ラララ)

The torii is ruined beyond repair. [3] Coins are leaping. The rain of farewells falls. Even if I’m begged at in that tone, A miracle won’t happen. “Ready? Not yet!” I play hide-and-seek by myself. Today is God’s birthday— They shouldn’t even exist. (Swaying in the wind) Fly…! (The seasons pass.) Fly…! (La la la… la la la la) Fly…! (La la la… la la la la)

Lyrics source: Translation by Releska


  1. 十六夜月 (izayoidzuki) literally means ‘sixteen-day-old moon.’ It takes place the night after the full moon.
  2. The teru teru bozu (てるてる坊主) is a small doll made of cloth or paper that is often hung outside to keep rainy days away.
  3. A torii (鳥居) is a traditional gate often found at the entrance to a Shinto shrine.