Lyrics: こどものせかい

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The Children’s World by Liz Triangle
Original Translation

おもちゃの箱庭 私の世界 あの時 もらった 大事な大事な宝物 まほろばの光が 私をとりまいて 一人で遊ぶには少し広すぎるわ

This miniature garden of toys Was my world. It was my treasure, Something so, so precious that I received long ago. The light of this splendid land encircled me. It’s a bit too big for just one person to play in, though…

人形遊びに 揺れる木馬にも飽きたなら 「一緒に遊ぼう」 初めて名前を呼ばれた気がした

After growing bored Of playing with dolls and my rocking horse… “Let’s play together!” I feel like that was the first time someone called my name.

煌めく星の虹 二人ワルツ踊ろう オルゴールが鳴り ケーキに火を灯したら 淡い光が指しこむ 暗い暗い地下にも 「あなたは誰?」 はじめまして言おう

Let’s waltz together beneath a rainbow of shining stars. The music box plays, and when I light the candles on the cake, Its pale light will extend even into the dark, dark basement. “Who are you?” I should greet you…

おもちゃの箱庭 二人の世界 あなたと一緒でなら 寂しくなかった

The miniature garden of toys Was our world. As long as I was with you, I wasn’t alone.

広げた ラクガキ帳 いびつな線で描かれてる 私とあなたは 控えめだけど 立派なお姫様

I opened my book of scribbles And you and I were drawn in there With crooked lines. We were reserved, yet splendid princesses.

おもちゃと星の虹 みんなでワルツ踊ろう ファンファーレが鳴り 兵隊達のパレード 重い重い荷物は捨て こどものせかいへ行こう 「ずっと一緒よ どこにも消えないで」

Toys and a rainbow of stars. Let’s all waltz together! A fanfare sounds for the soldiers’ parade. Let’s throw all our heavy baggage away and go to the children’s world! “We’ll be together forever! Don’t disappear…”

一人は ただ寂しくて 何かに怯えて過ごした 私がずっと欲しかったもの それすらいつか見失っていた 思えば怖かったんだ あなたを失う事 ずっとずっとずっと 手を伸ばしていた

I was still so lonely And I spent my days fearing something. I had even lost sight Of what I always wanted. Come to think of it, I was scared. I was scared of losing you. I always, always, always Stretched my arm out toward you.

セピアの子供部屋 おもちゃが敷き詰められ 隣で嗤ってる あなたはきっと 壊れてた 何もかも

The sepia-coloured nursery Was blanketed with toys. You laughed by my side. You must have Been completely broken…

煤けた赤い部屋 本当は全部知ってた あなたは私よ 狂気にまみれたわたし さよなら 私はもう 一人で歩かなくちゃね 今日はおやすみ 私のたった一人だけの 大事なわたし

I’m in a sooty, red room. The whole time, I knew: You’re me—a mad version of me. Farewell. Now, it’s time For me to walk alone. I’m going to sleep. I am irreplaceable, precious. I am so important to me.

おもちゃの箱庭 小さな部屋 今はもう出かけなくちゃ そっと鍵かけた

A miniature garden of toys— This small room. Now, it’s time for me to leave. I gently locked the door.

Lyrics source: Translation by Releska