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Lyrics: ゆゆこのうた

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Yuyuko’s Song by Machikado-Mapoze
Original Romanized Translation

華は遙か 遠くに揺蕩れ 黄泉の姫 ただ独り佇む 柔く霞み 霊のごとく 春の日は 色なく空もなし

hana wa haruka tooku ni yure yomi no hime tada hitori tatazumu yawaku kasumi tama no gotoku haru no hi wa iro naku sora mo nashi

Far away, in the distance, cherry blossoms sway. The Netherworld’s princess stands still: she is alone. These spring days are void of colour, they’re void of sky. They resemble a weak, flickering ghost.

墨染め桜の香る彼岸ごしの今 遠き日々は 樹の根元に眠る

sumizome sakura no kaoru higan goshi no ima tooki hibi wa ki no ne moto ni nemuru

In this place, beyond nirvana, where the ink-black cherry blossoms’ scent flows, She spends these distant days sleeping there beneath the tree.

浅き夢に 眼を閉じれば 浮かぶ夜 若き日々の想い 扇拡げ 弾幕に遊戯び 風に散る この幸せな日々

asaki yume ni me wo tojireba ukabu yoru wakaki hibi no omoi ougi hiroge tama ni asobi kaze ni chiru kono shiawase na hibi

If she closes her eyes in a shallow dream, Night floats before her: memories of her younger days. She spreads her fan before her and plays at danmaku. They scatter in the breeze: these happy days gone by.

彼岸の枝垂れは未だ八分のまま いざ 全き桜 待ち望み集める

higan no shidare wa imada hachibu no mama iza mattaki sakura machi nozomi atsumeru

The weeping tree of Nirvana is still only eight-tenths complete… Oh, perfect cherry blossoms! She waits eagerly for their return.

遊び疲れ 神社の桜花 友と酒 酌み交わし笑えば

asobi tsukare jinja no hana tomo to sake kumikawashi waraeba

Tired from playing, she views the shrine’s blossoms. With friends and saké: they drink together whilst laughing.

庭師もメイドも主交えながら皆 巫女の力 畏れつつ従う

niwashi mo meido mo aruji majie nagara min’na miko no chikara osoretsutsu shitagau

As the gardener, the maid and the head of the household come together, They fear the shrine maiden: afraid of her power, they obey.

Translated by Releska