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Talking About Love, Doujin Love by ShinRa-Bansho, COOL&CREATE
Original Romanized Translation

愛を語れよ 原作最高 相も変わらず 好きなんだろ? イントロだけで惚れた原曲 心底感動した弾幕

ai o katareyo gensaku saikou ai mo kawarazu sukinandaro? intoro dake de horeta genkyoku shinsoko kandou shita danmaku

Talk about love. The original works are awesome! You love them like always, right? The intro was enough to make you love the themes, and the danmaku moved you.

愛を騙って 東方最高? やったことねえなら やってみな Easyだったら避け無しで 説教すんなら酒無しで

ai o katatte touhou saikou? yatta kotonee nara yatte mina easy dattara sake nashide sekkyou sun'nara sake nashide

Falsify your love. Touhou's awesome? If you've never played it, give it a shot! Don't avoid Easy mode, and if you're preaching, do it without booze.

アイヲカタッテドウジンアイ レジェンド作るぜ 黎明時代 語り合って 夜を明かしたい アイヲカタッテドウジンアイ

ai o katatte doujin ai rejendo tsukuru ze reimei jidai katariatte yoru o akashitai ai o katatte doujin ai

Talk about love, doujin love! We're gonna make a legend, it's the dawn of a new era! I wanna talk together 'till dawn, talking about doujin love.

東方ライブでフロア熱狂 今だけはここが幻想郷 演奏場所にコダワリは無い 幽雅に咲かせフラワリングナイト

touhou raibu de furoa nekkyou ima dake wa koko ga gensoukyou ensou basho ni kodawari wa nai yuuga ni sakase furawaringu naito

The crowd's going wild at a Touhou live concert. It's Gensokyo for now, at least. We're not picky about where it's held. Bloom nobly, Flowering Night!

俺らの聖地クラブチッタ あの頃のキッズはどこに行った? 気づけば一緒に同人ってるし 同じステージに立ってるし

orera no seichi kurabu chitta anogoro no kizzu wa doko ni itta? kizukeba issho ni doujin tterushi onaji sutēji ni tatterushi

Our holy ground is CLUB CITTA'. Where did those kids from back then go? Before they knew it, they were making doujin and standing on the same stage.

アイヲカタッテドウジンアイ 邪魔されたって動じない 落ち着いちゃった老人会? こっちは楽しくやってんだ!

ai o katatte doujin ai jama sa retatte doujinai ochitsui chatta roujin-kai? kotchi wa tanoshiku yattenda!

Talk about love, doujin love! Even if stuff gets in the way we won't be agitated. A calm old folks' club? We're having fun while doing it!

「えーっ? マジ? イージーモード?www」 「イージーモードが許されるのは小学生までだよねwww」 って言うけど 大人になんかなりたくなーい


"Huh? Really? Easy Mode? lol" "You can only play Easy Mode while you're still in primary school, lol!" …they say that, but I don't wanna grow up!

世論言っても デッドボール判定 言葉選んでも キラーワード扱い だいぶ我慢してきたけど限界 断末魔つまりうっせぇわ


Even if you say the consensus, it's judged as a dead ball. Even if you choose your words, they're treated as killer words. I've put up with it for too long! It's a death agony. Basically, shut up!

嘘も偽りも無意識に アイヲカタッテ… 「自分のこと、気付いてないの?」


Lies, falsehoods, and unconsciousness: talk about love… "You haven't noticed yourself, have you?"

大切なのはアルコール 東方はお酒で出来ている 異変解決で大宴会 そろそろ語っちゃってもいいかい?


Alcohol is what's important, since Touhou's made of booze. The incident is resolved then there's a big party. We can start talking soon, right?

気持ちはいつでもパチュマリ派 でも世間はやっぱりマリアリ派 カップリングなら上海アリスが レイマリ公式最大手


I'm team PatchMari, but of course the whole world is MariAlice… When it comes to shipping, Shanghai Alice puts so much ReiMari in canon.

サークルやるなら目指してシャッター いつかなりたいルナティックシューター 愛がないのにやってんの? はぁ? 愛があるからやってんの!


If you're gonna form a circle, then aim at it. Shutter! Someday I wanna be a lunatic shooter. You don't love it yet you're doing it? Huh? It's something you do because you love it!

俺がそうだよ!森羅万象を司る 誰も彼もが見上げるkaztoraだ 「ビートまりおに負けらんない」でも歌うだなんて聞いてない!


That's me—I'm kaztora, the head of Shinra-Bansho who everyone looks up to! "I can't lose to beatMARIO" but I didn't hear that it was about singing!

COOL&CREATE背負ってもう20年いつまで経っても心は少年 「愛なら誰にも負けません…」とか言いながら知識はそんなにない!


I've been responsible for COOL&CREATE for 20 years now. Years may pass but I'm a boy at heart. "When it comes to love, I won't lose to anyone…" I say that but I don't have much smarts.

アイヲカタッテドウジンアイ 流行り擦って何が悪い 助けてえーりん! 助けてえーりん! 助けてZUNさん…ZUNさん…ZUNさん…


Talk about love, doujin love! What's so bad about going against the trends? Help me Eirin! Help me Eirin! Help me ZUN… ZUN… ZUN…

1996ブロックゲーム 伝説始まる靈異伝 最初のきっかけ紅魔郷 からの新参扱い永夜抄


The 1996 block game HRtP started the legend. EoSD was the first encounter, with new arrivals from IN.

浸透したのは風神録 そんで仏教するなら星蓮船 鬼形獣 動物まるでUFO ついに新作だ虹龍洞


The series sank in with MoF, and if you're gonna be Buddhist, then go for UFO. In WBaWC the animals are basically UFOs. And finally there's the new game UM!



How many Touhou doujin circles can you name?

幽閉サテライト IOSYS SOUND HOLIC COOL&CREATE Alstroemeria Records 岸田教団 森羅万象 Liz Triangle イノライ 少女理論観測所 凋叶棕 TUMENECO GET IN THE RING 石鹸屋


Yuuhei Satellite, IOSYS, SOUND HOLIC, COOL&CREATE, Alstroemeria Records, Kishida Kyodan, ShinRa-Bansho, Liz Triangle, Inorai, Girls Logic Observatory, Diao ye zong, TUMENECO, GET IN THE RING, Sekken'ya!

全然足りねえから頭文字で 東方ABCDEF...Z Pork or Chicken? 魂音泉とのBeef この東方Rapは俺らのPeace!!


There's not enough time so we'll go with their initials: Touhou ABCDEF…Z. Pork or chicken? I've got a beef with TAMAONSEN. This Touhou Rap is our Peace!!

Everybody say 東方 Everybody say 同人


Everybody say Touhou! Everybody say doujin!

2004 大田区で弾幕オタク集まる例大祭 本家狙って本気出して並んでる姿まるで兵隊さ


In 2004 at Ota, the danmaku otaku gathered at Reitaisai. They looked like soldiers, lining up and showing their commitment, aiming for where it started.

2020 中止は so bad... 2021 調子は so good!! 未知との遭遇 乗り越えていく 博麗神社例大祭


2020's pause was so bad… but 2021's mood is so good! We're going to overcome this encounter with the unknown! Hakurei Shrine Reitaisai!

ニコニコ動画は青春だ マイリスト入り動画 Like an アーティスト 転載動画で育った世代 次世代担う次の天才


NicoNico Douga is the essence of youth. We put videos in our 'My List' like an artist. This generation was raised on reprinted videos. The next genius is borne by the next generation.

粗品もすみれもチバニャンも野田も どっかの船長も東方キッズ ずっと終わらない東方界隈 愛を叫んで何が悪い!!


Soshina, Sumire, ChibaNyan and Noda, All those captains are Touhou kids. The Touhou neighbourhood will never end. What's so bad about screaming out your love?!

Lyrics source: Translation by Releska