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Instant Blue by ShinRa-Bansho
Featured in:
  • インスタントブルー
  • Insutanto Burū
  • length: 05:08
  • arrangement: kaztora, Hedonist
  • lyrics: kaztora
  • vocals: あよ
  • guitar: 小坂ナオ
  • original title: 53ミニッツの青い海
  • source: 卯酉東海道 ~ Retrospective 53 minutes
    Track 02
Additional Info
A promotional video was released by the circle and can be viewed here.
Original Translation

揺らいだ画面越しに見る世界は エゴに溢れた伽藍堂 声はずっと聞こえてたはずなのに なぜかそう正しいことすらわからなかった

I saw a world behind the rippling screen. It was wide and empty, brimming with ego. Voices should have always been audible and yet I didn’t even know if that was right.

溶けていく日常に 弱り目祟り目で悲しいね ユラユラゆれ そしてへらへらヘラ笑って 乖離した幻想に 欠けていく 切望 失望 絶望に クラクラする そして自分見失う

During days that melt away my countless misfortunes make me sad. I sway to and fro' and laugh without a care. In a divergent fantasy with waning hopes, disappointment and despair I grow dizzy and lose myself.

<フラクタルの空> それは理想に塗れた世界 そう青く青く青く澄んで

<A fractal sky> It’s a world covered in ideals. Yes, it’s blue, blue, blue and clear.

あの日電子の青い海 寄せて返す見紛うように <oh …> make a blue ひと時のヘブン インスタントの青い海 掃いて集めた欲望に <oh … real love> いつか覚めてあなたは何を思うの

That day, the blue sea of electrons broke on the shore and retreated like it was lost. <Oh…> Make a blue. A momentary heaven. I scooped into the instant blue sea and gathered up desires. <Oh… real love> You’ll someday awaken, and what will you think?

繋いだ その手は誰のものですか? 夢は未完成のまま 嘘のように晴れわたるその空に 隣でねえ笑うキミは確かなもの?ah

Whose hand is holding mine? This dream remains incomplete. In the sky, so clear it seems false, you’re smiling by my side. Are you real? Ah…

粒さらにすり減らす 通知音 ノイズだけ エンドレスで ザラザラして 喉がカラカラにね乾いて 楽園の奪い合い そして こぞって飾って 競って 笑って キリキリする そして自分見失う

The grains wear away even more and the notification is just static, and endless. It rubs coarsely and my throat is bone dry. We struggle for Heaven and we all prepare, fight and laugh. I feel a sharp pain and lose sight of myself.

コバルトブルーの 青い青い海は私を包んで 美しくもどこか冷たい

The cobalt blue sea, which is utterly blue, covers me up. It’s beautiful yet somewhat cold.

揺らいで化学進歩の青い海 砂に書いたSOSに <oh …> make a blue 声は届かない 作られたその理想宮 誰も彼もを魅了する <oh … real love> 永遠の夢

Rippling, this blue sea was born from chemistry’s progress. An SOS was written in the sand. <Oh…> Make a blue. My voice won’t reach. An ideal palace was built and it attracts everyone. <Oh… real love> This dream is eternal.

so you ready 名前も知らぬ青い海 寄せて返した 惑うように <oh …> make a blue偽りのヘブン 雲ひとつない青い海 ハリボテのような偶像に <oh … real love> 人はそう夢を見る

So, you ready? The nameless blue sea breaks on the shore and retreats like it’s lost. <Oh…> Make a blue. This is a false heaven. The blue sea is cloudless and there’s a paper-mache idol. <Oh… real love> That’s what people dreamed of.

何を信じて 生きてる? 何を信じて いけばいい? <oh …> make a blue全て嘘なら 夕焼け染まる青い海 何もかもが信じられない <oh … real love> 終わりも近い あなたは何を信じますか?

What do I believe in? What should I believe in? <Oh…> Make a blue. If everything’s a lie, then I can’t believe in anything in this blue sea tinged with sunset’s glow. <Oh…> The end is near. What do you believe in?

Lyrics source: Translation by Releska.