Lyrics: ジ・アフターマス

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The Aftermath by Diao ye zong
Featured in:
  • ジ・アフターマス
  • ji aftaamasu
  • length: 01:05
  • arrangement: RD-Sounds
  • original title: ラストオカルティズム ~ 現し世の秘術師
  • source: 東方深秘録 ~ Urban Legend in Limbo
    Sumireko Usami's Theme / Final Boss Theme
Additional Info
The following text is a translation of the hover text appearing over the cover of the album, as seen on its official site. As it provides the insight to the next song, Ms. lonely hedgehog, I decided it'd be appropriate to mention it, and given its length, it could've cluttered the Ms. lonely hedgehog lyrics page, so I thought it'd be most suited here.
Original Translation


On 14th at 1pm, an explosion has occurred at a private high school in 〇〇 Prefecture, △△ City. 40 students and school personnel were transferred to the hospital. According to the fire fighting department, there had been 3 causalities, 25 people had suffered minor and major injuries and 6 are still unconscious and in critical conditions. As of yet, 1 first year female student has been declared missing. The schools principal, 〇〇, says "For the sake of moving the investigation further, we want to confirm some details". The police as well as the fire fighting department are interviewing the witnesses and further investigate the cause of the explosion.