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The End of the Sky by Arrythmia Alicemare
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Original Romanized Translation

まだ遠い未来必然に形あるものはひとつになる 罪を重ねた必然はひとつになれずに残されゆく

mada tooi mirai hitsuzen ni katachi aru mono wa hitotsu ni naru tsumi wo kasaneta hitsuzen wa hitotsu ni narezu ni nokosareyuku

In a distant future, inevitably, all that exists, will become one Sinning is inevitable, but we leave it behind, without becoming one with it

名付けられた訳をどうか聞いてあなたの身が消える前に 終わりかけた時をどうか巻いて一瞬の光へ

nazukerareta wake wo douka kiite anata no mi ga kieru mae ni owarikaketa toki wo douka maite isshun no hikari he

Please, listen to the reason you were named, before your body disappears Please, in the moment time ends, let it wrap into a flash of light

全ての名前に意味のある日へ 全ての命に名前のある日へ

subete no namae ni imi no aru hi he subete no inochi ni namae no aru hi he

Until the day, in which every name has a meaning, comes Until the day, all that lives has a name, comes


mada tooi mirai hitsuzen ni

In a distant future, inevitably

Lyrics source: Translation by Nazohato