Lyrics: ドリームワールド

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Dream World by ShinRa-Bansho
Featured in:
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  • ドリームワールド
  • doriimu waarudo
  • length: 03:52
  • arrangement: kaztora
  • lyrics: azuki
  • vocals: めらみぽっぷ
  • bass: Pira
  • drums: 裕木レオン
  • e.guitar: 江畑コーヘー
  • original title: Romantic Children
  • source: 東方怪綺談 ~ Mystic Square
    Stage 3 Theme
Additional Info
Translator note: The speaker uses the feminine pronoun ‘atashi’ (あたし). Also, the person they are talking about is referred to as ‘anata’ (貴女) in its feminine form.

Your red eyes are mirrors in which my weak self is reflected. I longed for them because they were special, because they were different. Ah…

I was a bit too late to notice our trivial misunderstandings. You left me behind and went away. You vanished with a smile. Ah…

Poets tell lies, saying that partings are sudden, But meetings are still precious. Let’s meet again someday!

Your red eyes are mirrors in which my weak self is reflected. Nobody is here, within eternity.

Ah, I hope that you will be there for me, reflected in my eyes, Just like I was there, reflected in yours. Ah…

I lied to myself, saying that endless nights do not exist. Even if it’s false, let’s meet again during that night. Ah…

For your sake I will continue to sow seeds (I hope that tomorrow) I will continue to water them (I will become) And no matter how many years it takes… (A stronger person) White flowers will humbly bloom.

Even as these hours draw to a close, I don’t want to let them end in an instant. The more I wish for eternity, the more fleeting this world is. You’re so lonely. I suppose you hate watching the moon by yourself… I won’t say goodbye So let’s meet again when these flowers bloom.

Lyrics source: Translation by Releska