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Knowledge Paranoia by ShinRa-Bansho
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Original Translation

「全てを知る」 ただそれだけなの 足りないって 過剰になって 本の山 壁に仕立て上げ 私の世界

“I know everything.” But thinking it wasn’t enough, I went too far. I made a wall out of a mountain of books. It was my world.

探して 積み上げて 読み崩して 何度も繰り返す さあ読み解け いまQ.E.D. 証明の向こう

I searched. I learned. I read and threw books away. I did these things over and over. Now, I’ll decipher it! It’s a QED beyond proof.

そう先天性 後天性 境界線 関係性なくしたりしても 眼中にないわ 書いて 掻いて 欠いて 丸め込む 白い空を

Yes! Hereditary or acquired? Even if the boundary between them disappears, I won’t mind. I write on, scratch, chip, and bundle up the white sky.

今宵も月に濡れ 火を灯し 喘ぎ続けたとしても 誤魔化して笑うのは 道化か詩人だけ

Tonight, I’m drenched in moonlight once more. I light a fire, and even if I keep wheezing, Only clowns or poets deceive and smile.

嗚呼 契りさえ 偽った 永遠のキズナを背負い 温もりを抱きしめていたい

Ah… I’m burdened with an eternal bond, and even its promises were false. I want to hold warmth close to me…

『大嫌いだ』 口にしてしまえば ただそれで 終わりと知った 有象無象の 夢覚めないままね 迷い続け

“I hate you.” I said those words, and through just that, I knew it was over. The riffraff will keep dreaming, won’t they? Let them continue to hesitate.

そして 補えない 分からない 欠如を隠すように 誰か求めて 伸びた手が 汚れて見えた

And so, to conceal my faults, which I could neither compensate for or comprehend, I sought someone. The hand I stretched out seemed impure…

自分勝手 相まって 泣いたって 小鳥になって空見るパラノイア 咲いて 割いて 裂いて 醜いアンチテーゼ奏でて

Though I was selfish, though I cried, I’ll become a bird and look at the sky in my paranoia. I bloom, cut, and cleave, playing a cruel antithesis.

今宵は水に酔い 朽ち果てて 嗚咽止まらないままに 裏切りを憎むのは 愚者か作家だけ 嗚呼 願いさえ 天使の罠 等しい業を背負い 知らしめた未来のカケラ

I’m drunk on water tonight. I rot away, unable to stop sobbing. Only foolish authors hate treachery. Ah… Even my hopes are traps from angels. I bear equivalent karma And fragments of the future were made known.

誰もが遠ざかる 全能を 恐れるように 神の奇跡も 裏返せば罪 この身を焦がす 消えない焔を 胸に刻んで

Everyone goes far away, as if they fear the Almighty But if you turn God’s miracles inside-out, they become sins. Eternal flames burn my body, and I etch them into my heart.

今宵は金色の 土を食み 呪いを吐き出している 精霊さえ 戸惑う 鳥籠の 【心に鍵を掛けた少女】

Tonight, I consume golden soil and vomit up curses. Even my soul is perplexed. I am in a cage: a ‘locked girl.’ [1]

嗚呼 痛みさえ 生きている証と呼ぶなら そう 太陽など捨ててあげるわ

Ah… if you call even pain proof that you’re alive Then, yes – I’ll throw away the sun for you!

Lyrics source: Translation by Releska


  1. ‘Locked girl’ appears in the booklet as ‘a girl who locked her heart.’ [心に鍵を掛けた少女]