Lyrics: ハレーション・リモーション

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Halation, Remotion by Liz Triangle
Additional Info

Translator note: The title is made up of two parts

Halation = “The action of light surrounding some object as if making a halo.”
Remotion = “The quality/state of being remote.”

I had taken a look at the bottom of Pandora’s Box Whilst living in this bustling, spinning world.

I just want to reset this false smile of mine. It’s stuck to my heart, which raised a shriek.

I don’t want to live in a world in which I am still alone.

Do I still obey the lies I once told myself? I can’t fool myself. I tell a lie that’s like a dream.

I face that weak-hearted person who still can’t move forward. I spew venom and leave them behind in this gorgeous world

Because I still don’t have the courage to cast myself away and live.

I haven’t yet completely shaken off the lies I once told myself. Without telling myself the truth, I wear a mask over my heart.

Happiness floats to the surface, and even if it sinks into rage, I want to shake off my sadness and live happily.

Do I still remember the words of promise I spoke to myself? Though they were lies, I want to obey them.

I wonder what lies laid in those words of promise I spoke to myself on that day? I tell myself a dream-like lie, loaded with hope, in which I believe in the future. I made a promise to myself on that day, but can I properly face myself now? If I’m just going to lie to myself, then I want to tell myself a happy lie!

Rage. Sorrow. Threats. Surprise. Worry. Laughter. I want to take off such masks and live!

Lyrics source: Translation by Releska