Lyrics: ビニール袋は油膜の虹をみるか

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Does the Plastic Bag Look at the Rainbow on the Oil Slick? by ShinRa-Bansho
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Original Translation

用水路に足を踏み入れて干からびてる身体潤して サラサ サララ 遙か下流へ流れる 息吹きを感じない流れには 人のエゴがサラサラ流れる ビニール袋は何の夢を見るの?

I tread upon the irrigation channel, moistening my parched body. Rustling, rustling… I flow downstream, towards the distance. I feel no signs of life in the currents. Human ego flows, rustling by… What kind of dream is the plastic bag having?

淀みに浮かぶ 虹色の黒 苦しくても 泳ぎ続けた

A rainbow-coloured blackness floated in the sediment. Though it hurt, I continued to swim.

無機質な積み木に そっと寄りそった 瓦礫に差し込む夕日 掴んだ泥には あの頃の面影が無い どうか忘れないで

Inhuman building blocks gently drew close And the setting sun shone upon the debris. No traces of times long past were in the mud I seized. Please, don’t forget…

排水溝の横を歩いて何処へ辿り着くのか確かめ サラサ サララ 金網越し何処へ行く 隙間目がけてモノを投げ 心から汚れきってる 水は誰のために流れているの?

I walk across the gutter, checking where it leads. Rustling, rustling… I’ll go somewhere beyond the wire fence. I aim at the gaps and throw something at them. I’m dirty by nature. For whose sake does the water flow?

川辺に溜まる 文明の利器 便利への 対価を払えず

The modern conveniences gathered on the riverbank Could not pay the price of usefulness…

不可思議なガラスを そっと手に取って 西日に透かして覗く 散らばるネジ巻き ぐるぐるり ぐるぐるり ほら 渦の中へと沈んでく

I take an unfathomable pane of glass in my hands And I look at the setting sun through it. Screws are scattered about. I turn them, turn them, turn them… look! They sink towards the whirlpool.

海を目指したビニールは 寄せる波に紛れる 水底へと 沈む姿 虹がただ乱反射している

The plastic bag that aimed for the sea is lost in the approaching waves. A rainbow still reflects from its figure, even as it sinks to the bottom.

人はいつしか世界を離れ旅立つ ただこの目の前に広がりゆく 瓦礫に 腰をかけ 戻らぬ自然を憂う

Before they know it, humans part with this world and set off. But my eyes gaze upon debris spreading out before me. I sit down and lament nature, which will not return.

配管に佇む 澄みきった泥 虹は果てもなく続く ビニール袋は 何のため?誰のため? ただ自分のため

The clear mud loiters on the piping And the rainbow continues without end. But why does the plastic bag continue? For whose sake? For its own sake.

夢をみる 電子機器も 錆びつくラジオに縋る 陽が昇る 水平線の先 何処までも 広がった 油膜 虹色とビニールの世界

The dreaming electronics, too, Cling to the rusty radio. The sun rises upon the horizon And the oil slick spreads out beyond – It is the world of rainbows and plastic bags.

Lyrics source: Translation by Releska