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Line by Liz Triangle
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Original Translation

私の生きる道と あなたの生きる道は どこかが似ていると思うので ちょっと聞いてくれませんか? 私がいる意味 あなたがここにいる意味 決めつけなんかじゃないけれど これが運命ってコト

I think that the way I live my life And the way you live your life are similar, So is it okay for me to ask you about it? Basically, I believe that though my reason for living And your reason for being here have not been arbitrarily decided, This is what they call ‘fate.’

ほら 風が 吹く 今 今 世界すら 何もかも説いては惑わす 泣い【てる】あなたの傍にいて 私【だけ】そっと語り周って

Look – the wind blows. Now, even in this world, I preach almost everything and bewilder others. You are crying – only I am with you, Softly speaking at your side…

今 間違いだらけの世界に 視界を奪われてしまう すれ違い首を傾げる そんな時も時々あるよね ほら

This world, full of nothing but trouble, Snatches your vision away… I am certain that there are times When you tilt your head to the side in confusion, right? Come!

これから歩く道は ここから続いていますが それを「はい、ドウゾ」裏道なんて ちょっと楽してませんか? 私がいる場所 あなたが通るべき場所 思い違いじゃないはず そう これが運命ってコト 【今】今【すぐ】おやすみなさい 起きた【時】 またお話をしましょう

Though the path you will follow from here stretches onward, If somebody were to direct you down a back lane, saying “here, by all means…” Would you not be a bit uneasy? The place I am in, and the place you must travel through… Surely there are no misunderstandings between them! Yes, this is fate. Now, I shall go to sleep right away. When I wake up, Let us speak once more.

今 勘違いだけの世界に 自分色の花よ咲いて 覗き込むような笑顔は どんな時も浮かべているから

In this world of misunderstandings, bloom! O, flower coloured the same as myself. Bloom, because you will show that perceptive smile, always.

そう 意地悪な言葉には 驚きましょう そう 祝福の言葉には 喜びましょう いつか 向かい立つ言葉には 立ち向かいましょう もう 何もかも 何もかも 決まってる

Yes, I shall astonish you with wicked words. Yes, I shall delight you with blessings. Someday, the words that stand before you shall stand against you. Everything, everything, has already been decided.

La 回れ 回れ 回れ 回れ あちらこちらと笑いましょう La 進んだ道は帰り道 たまには間違える気もする 私がここにいる意味と あなたがここに来た意味は どこか 似ている気がすると思う これからの私の運命 私の選ぶ人生と あなたが進む人生と

La! Spin, spin, spin, spin! I shall smile, whilst spinning here and there. La! The path I moved forwards on was the path backwards… Sometimes, I feel like I have mistaken them. I think that my reason for being here And the reason why you came here are similar. This is my fate from here: The life I have chosen, and the life you progress through…