Lyrics: リトルドリーマー

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Little Dreamer by Liz Triangle

I looked out upon someone else’s paradise. I continued to dream. I wanted you to smile… Even if it was a mistake, would you be able to say it? I bid farewell to the world I was promised.

In a peaceful world, there are those who say it’s all false. Everyone and everything has forgotten happiness. When we set off on our journey, parting from our pessimistic daily lives, I was a little proud of myself.

If, say, just one of my wishes could be granted, Then, believing in tomorrow, I would stand up for everyone’s sake.

Aah, I looked up with all my might and realised how far we would travel. A distance both short and long, appearing to fade away. Believing in tomorrow, we began to walk towards paradise.

The fairy-tale is over. I will not awaken from this dream. For what sake? For whom does the bell toll? I blocked my ears to the answer, which came too late. It tied me up so tightly I could not shake myself loose.

Everyone says it’s nothing but a lie or a joke, But I will continue to believe in this impossible dream.

I looked forward with all my might and continued down this path. It’s not a mistake! Though it seems like it’s about to vanish… Believing in myself, I will pay the price of paradise Because even if I cannot return, I made a promise. The things I wished for were real. They were the only real things.

I can still remember the future I saw in my dreams. Even if I’m stopped by someone, I won’t look back So even if I could return to that time, I would walk the same road countless times. The world, spread out before my tiny self, Is just a little too large…

If I could wish for just one thing, Then I’d wish for the sake of everyone who believed in me! After all, it was us who believed in paradise And dreamed in days gone by.

Aah, I stretched out with all my might, And a few tears flowed down the fragment of dreams I seized. Farewell – the things that I had always wished for Were all granted, so I guess paradise really exists after all.

Lyrics source: Translation by Releska