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Lyrics: レザマリでもつらくないっ!

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LaserMari is Not Difficult! by COOL&CREATE
  • レザマリでもつらくないっ!
  • RezaMari demo Tsurakunai!
  • length: 02:30
  • arrangement: EB-TRAIN
  • lyrics: myu314
  • vocals: ビートまりお
  • original title: 恋色マスタースパーク
  • source: 東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night
    Stage 4 (powerful) Boss Theme; Marisa Kirisame
Additional Info

Four official versions performed by Beat Mario exist:

  • The original released in Touhou Strike (track 5).
  • A remixed version that released in drizzly train (track 2). Its karaoke version was also included in the album (track 6).
  • A live version performed at Flowering Night released in Flowering ERINNNNNN!! (track 1).
  • A remastered version that was released in drizzly again (track 2). A karaoke version was also included in the album (track 7).

Additionally, alternate versions have been released:

  • It was used as a short 'commercial' track in the self-parody album Touhou Homerun (track 5).
  • A version performed by Amane named PatchuMari is Not Difficult! was released in drizzly train (track 11) and later in drizzly again (track 13).
Original Romanized Translation

いつもいつも 置いてけぼりだぜ なんで?どうして?足は速いのに かっこ悪く腕を振りまわして 前に進もう

Itsumo itsumo oitekebori da ze Nande? Doushite? Ashi wa hayai no ni Kakko waruku ude wo furimawashite mae ni susumou

Always and always being left behind. Why? How come? Even though I'm so quick... Even if it looks bad, I'll swing my arms around and go ahead!

誰にも見せたくないけど いつか いつかは追いつける気がして

Dare ni mo misetakunai kedo Itsuka itsuka wa oitsukeru ki ga shite

I don't want to show it off to anyone, But I feel that some day I'm gonna reach it.

でもねでもね ちょっと聞いてない こんな?キツい?はずじゃなかったのに だから強く唱え続けるぜ 恋の魔法を

Demo ne demo ne chotto kiitenai Konna? Kitsui? Hazu janakatta no ni Dakara tsuyoku tonaetsuzukeru ze koi no mahou wo

But, you know, I'm not really listening... Being so self exerting? I didn’t really have to, But I'm still going to recite with all my might this magic of love.

私を好きでいてくれる そんな 誰かがいるからきっと

Watashi wo suki de itekureru Sonna dare ka ga iru kara kitto

Because if there's someone That tells me 'I like you', I sure will go on...

※空高く 思い描く夢の色は何? I can fly! 叫べ! 突き抜けるほどに声を張り上げて!!

Sora takaku omoiegaku yume no iro wa nani? I can fly! Sakebe! Tsukinukeru hodo ni koe wo hariagete!!

What's the color you paint your dreams in the sky with? I can fly! Cry out! With a voice loud enough to pierce the heavens!!




All right, feel so good! 青でも赤でもない私だけの色 恋色の夢 飛び切りの笑顔見せてやるぜ!?

All right, feel so good! Ao de mo aka de mo nai watashi dake no iro koiiro no yume Tobikiri no egao misete yaru ze!?

All right, I feel so good! It's not blue nor red; it's my own love-colored dream. Should I show you my fantastic smile!?