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My Devotion by ShinRa-Bansho
Featured in:
  • ワタシケンシ
  • Watashikenshi
  • length: 3:11
  • arrangement: kaztora
  • lyrics: azuki
  • vocals: あやぽんず*
  • guitar: 小坂ナオ
  • bass: Pira
  • drums: まおう
  • original title: 東方妖々夢 ~ Ancient Temple
  • source: 東方妖々夢 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom
    Stage 5 Theme
Original Romanized Translation

ノックノック 良し悪しの決め手は お年頃 落としどころ ノックダウン お求めはあちらへ 土産話にして

knock knock yoshi warushi no kimete wa o toshigoro otoshidokoro knockdown o motome wa achira e miyage banashi ni shite

Knock-knock, the line between good or evil becomes compromised as an adult Knockdown, I wish to tell you of my travels[1] to that faraway place

世界は白黒だって なんて決めつけちゃわないで もっとカラフルに色づいて 花咲かすわ

sekai wa shirokuro datte nante kimetsukechawanaide motto karafuru ni irozuite hana sakasuwa

Even if the world is black and white don’t make such assumptions Change things to be more colorful and you’ll make the flowers bloom!

超新星 わたしは 散り際の化学反応 一等星 わたしは どちらの色に染まるのかしら?

choushinsei watashi wa chiri kiwa no kagaku hannou ittousei watashi wa dochira no iro ni somaru nokashira?

I’m a supernova on the verge of a chemical reaction I’m a first magnitude star I wonder what color I will be?[2]

【どっち?どっち?どっち?どっち?】 長く伸びた犬歯だって 色気づいたわ この試験紙

(docchi? docchi? docchi? docchi?) nagaku nobita kenshi datte iro kizuitawa   kono shikenshi

Which one? Which one? Which one? Which one? Even though I bared my fangs[3] I realized the color of my litmus test

チェックメイト お互いの足取る 関係は廻る 嵌るわ チェクアウト お帰りはあちらへ 土産は なしにして

checkmate otagai no ashi toru kankei wa mawaru hamaruwa checkout o kaeri wa achira e miyage wa nashi ni shite

Checkmate, we trace each other’s steps The relation is circular and we’re stuck Checkout, I am being sent all the way home without any souvenirs[4]

受験は初心者だって 断定ほらpH探偵 賛成反対で決めちゃうデモクラシー

juken wa peipaa datte dantei hora peihaa tantei sansei hantai de kimechau demokurashii

Though the exams were only on paper The verdict was delivered by a big-shot pH investigator[5] A democracy that decides conclusively with yeas and nays

ねぇ わたしのものに まだまだまだ 染まらないの? 悩みの種も パッと散らせて 花咲かすわ

nee watashi no mono ni madamada mada somaranaino? nayami no tane mo pat to chirasete hana sakasuwa

Hey, is mine not yet, not yet, not colored yet? Though it should worry me, I suddenly tear everything up and make the flowers bloom!

相対性 わたしは 去り際の微熱反応 絶対性 わたしは 自分の色を覚えているの?

soutaisei watashi wa sari kiwa no binetsu hannou zettaisei watashi wa jibun no iro o oboeteiruno?

I am relativity A mild fever from getting ready to leave I am absolutivity Do I remember what my own color is?[6]

【どっち?どっち?どっち?どっち?】 白と言い張る検視だって 直に染まるわ この試験に この試験紙

(docchi? docchi? docchi? docchi?) shiro to iiharu kenshi datte jikani somaruwa kono shiken ni kono shikenshi

Which one? Which one? Which one? Which one? Even though the autopsy report insists on white[7] I’ll paint it on myself, right on this test On this litmus test

信じた道すら 疑ふ道すがらからくも 迷って 一歩踏み外した

shinjita michi sura utagu fu michisugara kara kumo mayotte ippo fumihazushita

Though I believed in my path I began to doubt when things got tough I got lost, took a step astray

一度振り 二度振り 身振りも手振りも忘れて 【もう一回 もういいかい?】 ほら 花咲かすわ 【パッと咲かすわ】

hito furi futa furi miburi mo teburi mo wasurete (mou i-kai mou iikai?) hora   hana sakasuwa (pat to sakasuwa)

I wavered once, I wavered twice forgetting the motions of both my hand and body One more time, are you still fine? Look, I’ll make the flowers bloom! Suddenly, the flowers bloom!

善だって 悪だって 吸いだして化学反応 曖昧に滲んで 結局最後は神様まかせ

zen datte aku datte suidashite kagaku hannou aimai ni nijinde kekkyoku saigo wa kamisama makase

Whether good or evil I’ll suck it all out and produce a chemical reaction Blur it out and leave the final conclusion to God!

【どっち?どっち?どっち?どっち?】 どーにもこーにもならなくて 【どっち?どっち?どっち?どっち?】 自分色に染め上げた

(docchi? docchi? docchi? docchi?) dou ni mo ko ni mo naranakute (docchi? docchi? docchi? docchi?) jibun iro ni someageta

Which one? Which one? Which one? Which one? No matter what, I couldn’t change it Which one? Which one? Which one? Which one? I had to color it in for myself

中性になれなくて なんでなんで なんでだろうって 色気づいたわ この試験紙

chuusei ni narenakute nande nande nande darou tte iro kizuitawa kono shikenshi

Though I’m not used to the indifference[8] though I asked why, why, why? I realized the color of my litmus test

【どっち?どっち?どっち?どっち?】 あっち?こっち?そっち?どっち? 【どっち?どっち?どっち?どっち?】 どーにかこーにかなっちゃった 【どっち?どっち?どっち?どっち?】 犬歯 検視 試験紙 検診 色気づいたわ わたし剣士

(docchi? docchi? docchi? docchi?) acchi? kocchi? socchi? docchi? (docchi? docchi? docchi? docchi?) dou ni kako ni kanacchatta (docchi? docchi? docchi? docchi?) kenshi kenshi shikenshi kenshin iro kizuitawa watashi kenshi

Which one? Which one? Which one? Which one? That one there? This one? That one? Which one? Which one? Which one? Which one? Which one? Everything turned out alright somehow Which one? Which one? Which one? Which one? Fang, autopsy, litmus test, health exam I realized my color[9], I am a swordsman

Lyrics source: Translation by Ryuuhoukagiyama


  1. Literally, a souvenir story.
  2. The story starts off with the singer being fierce, ready to receive her “test results”.
  3. Fang (lit. canine) is a homophone of Swordsman, both pronounced “Kenshi”. Possibly the litmus test is telling her that she isn’t that type of “Kenshi”.
  4. The same word for souvenir used in the first stanza. Possibly means that though she feels the test was meaningless, the experience itself ended up having meaning in the end.
  5. The results were delivered by someone with authority, and she felt that could not dispute them.
  6. I’ll be honest, I have no idea what this passage means.
  7. Autopsy report is also pronounced kenshi. A white litmus test means no reaction.
  8. The indifference of the world, perhaps
  9. Color can also mean type.