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Lyrics: 三千世界 (回路-kairo-)

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Three Thousand Worlds[1] by Kairo
Original Romanized Translation

地に手を着いて 這いつくばって それでも良かった

chi ni te wo tsuite haitsukubatte sore demo yokatta

I went down on my hands and knees And I crawled. And yet, it was good.

一人でずっと ひっそりとそっと 息をしてた

hitori de zutto hissori to sotto iki wo shiteta

Alone, always, I quietly, softly, Breathed.

いつからだろう 正しく覚えてはいないけれど きっと楽しいだけのものではなかったはずだった

itsu kara darou tadashiku oboete wa inai keredo kitto tanoshii dake no mono de wa nakatta hazu datta

I wonder how long it’s been? I don’t remember for sure, But surely, it mustn’t have been something that was only fun.

それなら この鳥篭の中も悪くない 蓋をして 閉じ篭って 見上げるだけ

sore nara kono torikago no naka mo warukunai futa wo shite tojikomotte miageru dake

If that is the case, Then the inside of this cage isn’t so bad. I put the lid on, Seal myself away, And only look upwards.

そうだ 明日は良い夢を見よう だから今夜は まだこの月を眺めていよう

sou da ashita wa ii yume wo miyou dakara kon’ya wa mada kono tsuki wo nagameteiyou

That’s right. Tomorrow, I shall have a good dream! So tonight, I shall still gaze upon this moon.

いつかはきっと忘れてゆく でもそれで良いんだ 一つ一つ 丁寧にそっと 仕舞っておくから

itsuka wa kitto wasurete yuku demo sore de iin da hitotsu hitotsu teinei ni sotto shimatte oku kara

Sooner or later, I will certainly begin to forget, Though I’m okay with that. Because one by one, carefully, softly, I will put an end to them.

例えば 鈴の音 小さな魔法と 月の兎 竹森に 歴史の味

tatoeba suzu no ne chiisana mahou to tsuki no usagi takebayashi ni rekishi no aji

For example, The sounds of the bell, That small sorcery, The moon rabbits Within the bamboo forest, And the taste of history.

もう誰もいない、何もない世界で 残されたものは拾って それでも

mou dare mo inai, nani mo nai sekai de nokosareta mono wa hirotte sore demo

In a world where nobody exists – where nothing exists anymore, I have gathered up the things that were left behind. And yet…

ああ明日は良い夢を見よう 笑って生きてゆけるような夢をきっと見よう

aa ashita wa ii yume wo miyou waratte ikite yukeru you na yume wo kitto miyou

Tomorrow, I shall have a good dream! Surely, I will have the sort of dream in which I can continue to live, smiling!

  1. It is a Buddhist term that roughly means "the universe" or the whole world."

Translated by Releska