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Lyrics: 三者三様

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Each Different From Another by Kairo
Original Romanized Translation

空虚逃げ込む 代わりを探す 見つからないと泣き出した それを慰む

kuukyo nigekomu kawari wo sagasu mitsukaranai to nakidashita sore wo nagusamu

You ran into the void Looking for a replacement You cried out when you couldn't find it And I comforted you

また千年が経って 何か失くしてる 意思も 意味も 意義も 間違えてきた

mata sen'nen ga tatte nani ka nakushiteru ishi mo imi mo igi mo machigaete kita

Another thousand years had gone by Something's missing My will, my reasonings Significance of it all; everything, I had been wrong about

「千年後の今日は何色?」 そんなに変わらないよ 「千年後の君は何色?」 その日で確かめて

sen'nen-go no kyou wa naniiro sonna ni kawaranai yo sen'nen-go no kimi wa naniiro sono hi de tashikamete

"How will today a thousand years in the future look like?" It won't be that much different "How will you a thousand years in the future look like?" We shall see then

一つ生まれて一つ消え 辻褄合わせ 巡る輪廻

hitotsu umarete hitotsu kie tsujitsuma awase meguru rinne

Someone is born, someone dies It all makes perfect sense The wheel of Samsara keeps on turning

それじゃ元気にまた明日 笑って「さよなら」なんて

sore ja genki ni mata ashita waratte sayonara nante

Well then, I'll see you tomorrow I'll smile, you'll say "goodbye" and all

「千年後の君は笑ってる?」 貴方と笑ってるよ 千年前から変わらないまま隣にいるよ

sen'nen-go no kimi wa waratteru anata to waratteru yo sen'nen mae kara kawaranai mama tonari ni iru yo

"In a thousand years, will you smile?" Oh, I'll be smiling with you I'll always be right next to you like I was for thousand years before

Lyrics source: Translation by Nazohato