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Lyrics: 十月十日

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Ten months and ten days by Kairo
Additional Info
Ten months and ten days are the days to giving birth in traditional east asian calendar
Original Romanized Translation

鳴呼 傷跡が 増えてゆく でもそれを 隠したまま

Aa Kizuato ga fuete yuku Demo sore wo kakushita mama

Ah, The scar is expanding But that is hidden

探す 確かな事 それを繋げて 円い輪を作る

Sagasu tashikana koto Sore wo tsunagete Marui wa wo tsukuru

Searching for something that is certain Connecting it, makes a round circle

星の光も 風の匂いも いつか消える魔法だから 愛しいんでしょう

Hoshi no hikari mo Kaze no nioi mo Itsuka kieru mahōdakara Itoshīndeshou

The light of the stars And the scent of the wind It's the magic that will some day disappear Isn't it dear?

そうやって一人 笑った君も いつか解ける魔法だって 知らないフリ

Sō yatte hitori Waratta kimi mo Itsuka tokeru mahō datte Shiranai furi

You said that to yourself And you laughed "The magic that will some day be solved" I'll pretend I didn't know

そんなものは いらないよ

Son'na mono wa Iranai yo

I don't need Such a thing

本当は意味があって でもわからなくて どうでもいいんだ 終わってみてから 大丈夫だなんて そんなもんじゃないんでしょう?

Hontōwa imi ga atte Demo wakaranakute Dō demoīnda Owatte mite kara Daijōbuda nante Son'na mon janaindeshou?

There really is a meaning But I don't understand Oh well, it's unimportant Because the end It's okay It's not such anguish

円い輪の向こうへ 君の腕を引いて行けたら

Marui wa no mukō he Kimi no ude wo hiite iketara

If your arm is pulled Beyond the round circle

星の光も 風の匂いも いつか届く魔法に 変えてみせるから

Hoshi no hikari mo Kaze no nioi mo Itsuka todoku mahō ni Kaete miserukara

The light of the stars And the scent of the wind Someday, I'll turn it into magic that can reach to you

寄り添った意味も 笑った君も 永遠に変わらない 魔法にするよ

Yori sotta imi mo Waratta kimi mo Eien ni kawaranai Mahou ni suru yo

The nestled meaning And you laughing Forever and ever, I'll use that magic

生きてゆくことも 死んでゆくことも 今の私にはまだわからないけど

Ikite yuku koto mo Shinde yuku koto mo Ima no watashi ni ha mada wakaranai kedo

Living, and dying, Right now, I still don't understand

楽しかったと 幸せだったと 笑って過ごしたあの日を 思い出せる

Tanoshikatta to Shiawase datta to Waratte sugoshita ano hi wo Omoi daseru

It was fun And I was happy I remember The days I spent laughing


Sonna mahou wo tonaetai

I want to cast such a magic

Translated by Wanieru