Lyrics: 天国地獄大地獄

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Heaven, Hell, Avīci by ShinRa-Bansho

How frustrating, how frustrating! I am unaware of the revival of my spirit. To think that I loved you, Who I left behind…

Advance, take a look, then retreat! When I realised it, I was in Higan. You called out to me, but who are you? Hah. Court is now in session!

Okay – Heaven or hell? On top of that, there’s Avīci. Who lives? Who dies? Their voices fly about (Ran ran raran).

You put on a virtuous face and lived with all you might. So what? This is my deliberation: Do it once more and continue onward.

60 years. 60 years. With everything on the line, I spun round and round. I hear your nostalgic voice. I loved you…

As seen in the Great Leap Forward and the Taika Reform, Greed is ultimately justice. Even if it tears me apart, I’ll tell you…

Okay – Heaven or Hell? On top of that, there’s also Hades. Who lives, and who dies? I can’t hear! (Ran ran raran).

I don’t give a damn about love. Don’t be vague with me! Who cares, anyway. The angry roars fly past in unison.

Heaven, Hell, Avīci. How about the first one? (Heaven, Hell, Avīci.) Heaven, Hell, Avīci. How about the second one? (Heaven, Hell, Avīci.) Heaven! (Hell!) Heaven! (Hell!) Heaven, Hell, Avīci. Ah! Which one?

So, Heaven or Hell? I’d better decide soon. Who falls, who ascends? I can’t weigh it up. (Ran ran raran.)

There are fine virtuous people, and terrible villains… But the only ones I can’t stand are liars.

Alright – court is back in session. Merciful criminals, this way, please. This is it: your final trial. There’s no more after this. (Ran ran raran.)

Okay – innocent or guilty? Or maybe even false charges? Who cares, anyway. You know, only God knows The mischievous judgements of fate.

Lyrics source: Translation by Releska