Lyrics: 子守唄-song for you-

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Lullaby -Song for You- by Liz Triangle
Featured in:

In a silent forest, clad in dark mist, I look up at the invisible moon and hum to myself.

The lost child, once again, followed that song Their figure was projected upon the hazy full moon.

The traces of my loneliness and tears grew so strong they would not vanish. I believed I could live, even if I was alone. My heart was hollow.

I forgot how valuable it is to talk to others And accept the kindness of strangers. Though I sang, though I called out, Nobody paid any attention to my voice.

The shivering bird sang a lullaby toward the underworld So they could sleep deeply, once more; so they could die without going astray.

Lending an ear to the song, the lost child stood still. They seemed anxious, but they began to smile, just a little.

I had already given up, Given up on understanding others through song.

I want to tell you about my sadness And about the weight of being burdened with sorrow So I will continue to sing, continue to cry. But nobody can hear. I can’t tell anyone about anything.

Even knowing that nobody will hear me, I continue to sing a song toward the underworld. Though I’ve given up on communicating with others, I will sing. My song carries my words and my feelings…

I want to tell you about what lies within my sealed-off heart. I want to sing with you as we walk, shoulder-to-shoulder But I told myself it was over, that it was an impossible dream. I covered my mouth with both hands.

A child grabbed my hands and unsealed my mouth And they showed me their innocent smile. They began to sing the same song And we looked up at the same sky.

Lyrics source: Translation by Releska