Lyrics: 幻想コネクト

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Illusory Connect by ShinRa-Bansho, Yuuhei Satellite, Shoujo Fractal
Additional Info

- "A song to assist us all in fighting against the current incident! Reitaisai 17 and Comiket 98 have been suspended, and the circumstance that we cannot leave the house unless absolutely necessary goes on, but after thinking about if maybe there’s something we could do after all, we came up with this collaboration! It will still take time until the corona situation goes back to normal, so in order to get back our peaceful everyday lives, let’s all join forces and do our best to overcome it!"

- A promotional video was released by the circle and can be viewed here.
Original Romanized Translation

悲しい涙 似合わない ほら <ほら> ねえ <ねえ> 顔を上げて見せてよ <ひとりで俯いている君も> <ほら> ほら <ねえ> ねえ <一緒に歌おう>

kanashii namida niawanai hora <hora> nee <nee> kao o agete misete yo <hitori de utsumuite iru kimi mo> <hora> hora <nee> nee <issho ni utaou>

Tears of sorrow don’t suit you. Hey, look! Lift your head and I’ll show you. You, who’s hanging their head, too. Hey, listen! Sing together with us.

そう、今できること 見つけ出して歩き出そう <小さな事が明日へ> ちょっとずつ <歴史を作っていこう> さぁ、いくよ

sou, ima dekiru koto mitsuke dashite aruki dasou <chiisana koto ga ashita e> chotto zutsu <rekishi o tsukutte ikou> saa, ikuyo

That’s right, we’ll go and look for something we can do now. Something small will carry on to tomorrow and make history step by step. Now, let’s go!

≪1 つずつ、1 つずつ ≫ ≪ 重ね未来咲け花吹雪 ≫ 心の() <想い合って> ≪ 繋ぐ ≫ ≪1 つずつ、1 つずつ ≫ ≪ 永遠に刻まれる足跡が ≫ <笑い合う> 春へと ≪ 続いてく ≫ 出逢えたこと <芽生えの鼓動> 今 ≪ 紡いでいく世界 ≫

<<hitotsuzutsu, hitotsuzutsu>> <<kasane mirai sake hanafubuki>> kokoro no te <omoi atte> <<tsunagu>> <<hitotsuzutsu, hitotsuzutsu>> <<towa ni kizama reru ashiato ga>> <warai au> haru e to <<tsuzuiteku>> deaeta koto <mebae no kodou> ima <<tsumuide iku sekai>>

One by one, futures overlap Turn into a storm of falling cherry blossoms. The hands of our hearts – when our thoughts go out to each other – connect. One by one, futures overlap our footprints can carve a way to eternity. We smile at each other as they continue towards spring. The sprout’s beating that began because we met is now assembling the world.

<夢を乗せた飛行機雲は> <ぱっと> ぱっと <そっと> そっと <風が攫って流れる> 焦る愚痴も必要なくなって ちょっと <ちょっと> なんだか 穴が空いたみたいだなあ

<ume o noseta hikoukigumo wa> <patto> patto <sotto> sotto <kaze ga saratte nagareru> aseru guchi mo hitsuyou nakunatte chotto <chotto> nandaka ana ga aita mitai danaa

The vapor trail that carried our dreams is suddenly, yet gently, swept away by the wind and disappeard. There’s no more need for impatient complaints. Wait a minute, it seems a hole opened.

<心に残る炎灯し写し出そう> 小さな melody 弾けて <愛の種> 僕たちで、さぁ創ろう <そう、up to you>

<kokoro ni nokoru homou tomoshi utsushidasou> chiisana melody hajikete <ai no tane> bokutachide, saa tsukurou <sou, up to you>

Let’s light up the flame remaining in our hearts and show it. We play a little melody. Come and create a seed of love together with us. It’s up to you!

≪1 つずつ、1 つずつ ≫ ≪ 奏で綴られる物語 ≫ <心の()> 幻想の輪で ≪ 繋ぐ ≫ ≪1 つずつ、1 つずつ ≫ ≪ 共に進み行く仲間たち ≫ 東から <春へと> ≪ 続いてく ≫ <異変越えて> 保て調和 <今> ≪ 時を架けて ≫

<<hitotsuzutsu, hitotsuzutsu>> <<kana de tsuzurareru monogatari>> <kokoro no te> gensou no wa de <<tsunagu>> <<hitotsuzutsu, hitotsuzutsu>> <<tomoni susumi iku nakamatachi>> higashi kara <haru e to> <<tsuzuiteku>> <ihen koete> tamote chouwa <ima> <<toki o kakete>>

One by one, step by step, we compose and play tales. The hands of our hearts are connected with the circle of illusions. One by one, step by step, we’re advancing together with our colleagues. From the east, we continue towards spring. Going through incidents and preserving harmony, we build a bridge across time.

「またね」手を振る 笑顔の(さと)は <当たり前のようで> 灰色の雨 大地を濡らす <少しずつさ、違って> だからこそ今見つけた <遅くなんてない> 自分らしさを <信じて> いつか <いつか> いつか <輝くように> 夢に見た <軌跡を> with a wish for our future

"matane" te o furu egao no sato wa <atarimae no youde> haiiro no ame daichi o nurasu <sukoshi zutsu sa, chigatte> da kara koso ima mitsuketa <osoku nante nai> jibunrashisa o <shinjite> itsuka <itsuka> itsuka <kagayaku you ni> yume ni mita <kiseki o> with a wish for our future

"See you!", you wave your hand. This is the hometown of your smile. It seems so obvious. Now gray rain wets the ground. More and more becomes different. For this reason I discovered it’s not too late yet. Believe in your selfhood. Keep believing. And someday, someday, someday – what seemed to sparkle – what we dreamed of – the miracle With a wish for our future…

<もう 1 歩> もう 1 歩 <そして終わらない幻想に> 心の()希望の空へ 届け <Ah 進め> さぁ、

<mou ippo> mou ippo <soshite owaranai gensou ni> kokoro no te kibou no sora e todoke <ah susume> saa,

One more step, one more step and we’re at the never-ending illusion. The hands of our hearts send our hopes out to the sky – Ah, advance! Let's...

≪ 君と 叶えてく ≫ ≪ そして未来咲け花吹雪 ≫ 心の() <想いを> ≪ 今繋ぐ ≫ ≪1 つずつ、1 つずつ ≫ ≪ 重ね未来まで、きっときっと ≫ <道は> 春へと ≪ 続いてく ≫

<<kimi to kanaete ku>> <<soshite mirai sake hanafubuki>> kokoro no te <omoi o> <<ima tsunagu>> <<hitotsuzutsu, hitotsuzutsu>> <<kasane mirai made, kitto kitto>> <michi wa> haru e to <<tsuzuiteku>>

And now, we’ll make it come true with you. And our futures will turn into a storm of cherry blossoms. The hands of our hearts are already connecting our emotions. One by one, until our futures overlap, Our paths will definitely continue towards spring.

出逢えたこと <芽生えの鼓動> 今、紡いでいく <君も今> 私も今 ≪ 未来へ向かう Dreaming road≫ ≪ 進め ≫

deaeta koto <mebae no kodou> ima, tsumuide iku <kimi mo ima> watashi mo ima <<mirai e mukau dreaming road>> <<susume>>

The sprout’s beating that began because we met is now assembling us. You and I will now face the future on this dreaming road. Advance!

Lyrics source: Translated Lyrics by Sterngazer