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Lyrics: 抑圧的本能世界

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Oppressive, Instinctual World
Additional Info
These aren't lyrics, but are instead the introduction to the entire album. This track is completely instrumental.
Original Translation

———— 魂を求めた、穢れることの無い魂を ————

———— The soul I sought, was an uncorrupted soul ————

聞こえる。 あの哄笑が聞こえる。 諦観と悲観が、憎悪に塗れた偽善の意志が、この終わらぬ夜を壊すはずだった。 崩壊した現世に、厭世の音階。 まるでそれは、砂土の楼閣。

I can hear them. I can hear these loud laughs. Resignation and pessimism, hypocritical wills stained with hatred, they will destroy this endless night. In this crumbled life, there is a musical scale of misanthropy. They are all skyscrapers of sand.

崩壊こそは、己が意志。 世界も私も空虚なままで、瓦解してゆく現世に、欺き笑うは己が咎。 悪魔の力を譲り受け、燃え落ち燻る未来さえ、哀しく見ゆるは己が闇。 泥人形には、成り果てぬ。

Crumbling, that is my will. The world, myself, until they will be empty, in this collapsing life, my sin will be a deceived smile. Inherited the devil’s power, as the future burns, falls, goes up in smoke, I sorrowfully look at my own darkness. I won’t become a clay doll.

おそらく、気付いてしまったのだ。 どす黒く渦巻く厭世の果てに、手にいれたものは世界だと。 ならば彼女も私と同じ。

Perhaps, you have already realized it. At the end of this dark, contorted pessimism, I have obtained the world. Maybe that girl is just like me.

私の名前はベリアル。 夜に誘う十字路の悪魔。 少女はもう戻らない。 世界はもう戻らない。 求むる物はただ一つ、ひとえに我が身の破滅だけ。

My name is Belial. The devil who lures at the crossroads at night. The girl won’t come back. The world won’t come back. You can request only one thing, solely my own body’s destruction.

厭世とは現世。 現世とは厭世。 もう、二度とお目に掛かることもないだろう。

Pessimism means life. Life means pessimism. You will never be able to meet me again.

———— 此れを“悪魔の手記”として、彼女の骸、そして魂に捧ぐ

———— As in the “Devil’s memorandum”, the girl’s corpse, then offered to his soul.

Lyrics source: Translated by Jaefine.