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Lyrics: 最速最高シャッターガール

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The Best And Fastest Shutter Girl by COOL&CREATE
Additional Info
Original Romanized Translation

其の羽 鴉天狗 最速の名を呼べ 操る風を受けて 巻き起こせ嵐を

Sono hane karasu tengu saisoku no na wo yobe Ayatsuru kaze wo ukete makiokose arashi wo

Those are the wings of the crow tengu, who's called the fastest ever to fly! They change the wind and can instantly create a storm that none can defy!

貫く正義こそが生き様 いまこそ打ち破れ常識を

Tsuranuku seigi koso ga ikizama Ima koso uchiyabure joushiki wo

This shutter girl, justice runs through every part of her life. Everyone knows that she will strike now as sharp as a knife!

最速最高の瞬間を魅せつけて 遥かなる高みへ もっと強く羽ばたけ FLY HIGH 誰もが羨んだ姿に届くまで

Saisoku saikou no shunkan wo misetsukete Haruka naru takami e motto tsuyoku habatake FLY HIGH Dare mo ga urayanda sugata ni todoku made

Only the fastest and the greatest moments of fascination for her! To reach the highest of heights, she will beat her wings ever stronger! FLY HIGH! Your skill and speed are the envy of everyone you know, so don't look back—


Subete wo oinuite

Reduce everything into a blur!

其の羽 鴉天狗 神風の少女よ 操る風は自在 千年は伊達じゃない

Sono hane karasu tengu kamikaze no shoujo yo Ayatsuru kaze wa jizai sennen wa date ja nai

Those are the wings of the crow tengu, the reckless girl who hasn't a foe. They change the wind so free and easily... these thousand years were not just for show.

真実を知るために切り抜いた 目指すは幻想の向こう側

Shinjitsu wo shiru tame ni kirinuita Mezasu wa gensou no mukougawa

To know the truth, you know she'll cut through any confusion! She has her eyes on the other side of the illusion!

全速全開のスピードで辿り着け 届かない場所なら もっと高く遠くに FLY HIGH 誰もが振り向いた姿を置き去りに

Zensoku zenkai no supiido de tadoritsuke Todokanai basho nara motto takaku tooku ni FLY HIGH dare mo ga furimuita sugata wo okizari ni

Now go all out, with all of your speed! You know you can endure anything. From the point of no return, go up even higher on powerful wings. FLY HIGH! Everyone's eyes want to follow you, but then they see you've already gone.


Subete wo koete yuke

You have got to break through everything!

最速最高の瞬間を 全速全開のスピードを 立ち上がれ 突き抜けたその先を知るために FLY HIGH いますぐ加速しろ

Saisoku saikou no shunkan wo Zensoku zenkai no supiido wo Tachiagare tsukinuketa sono saki wo shiru tame ni FLY HIGH ima sugu kasoku shiro

Only the fastest and greatest moments for you! Giving it all, going now as fast as you can fly too. You must take a stand, force through all the lies. To know what's ahead is to know your fate. FLY HIGH! Now is the time to accelerate!