Lyrics: 泡の音

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Sounds of Bubbles by Kairo
Original Romanized Translation

揺り籠の中で揺られていた 冷えた凍てついた 水さえ 柔く

yurikago no naka de yurareteita hieta itetsuita mizu sae yawarakaku

I was being swung back and forth inside a cradle Even this cold, frozen up water feels so velvety

独り吹いた泡は 水辺目指し くすむ

hitori fuita awa wa mizube mezashi kusumu

A lonely, air-filled bubble Quietly floats towards the waterfront

息を潜ませては 耳を澄ます

iki o hisomasete wa mimi o sumasu

Its breath lies concealed, so I stay still, trying to hear it

彩りを削いだ 泡も音を生み 伝える手立てを探す

irodori o soida awa mo oto o umi tsutaeru tedate o sagasu

So that even such colourless bubble could let out a sound And search for its means to propagate

掻き集めた 旧時の淡い音色 静寂の旋律

kaki atsumeta kyuuji no awai neiro seijaku no senritsu

All these gathered up pale tone colors from ancient times Are playing a silent melody

色を無くした 泡は音を生み 幻想の向こうに 祈る

iro o nakushita awa wa oto o umi gensou no mukou ni inoru

So that even a colourless bubble could let out a sound Praying towards the place where illusions lie

掻き集めた 旧字の淡い音色 此の胸に抱いて

kaki atsueta kyuuji no awai neiro kono mune ni idaite

All these gathered up pale tone colors in outdated characters Are firmly held inside my chest

Lyrics source: Translation by Shion