Lyrics: 無境界仮説の切符

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A Ticket to the No-Boundary Proposal by ShinRa-Bansho
Original Translation

誰しもが覗いたテレビの向こう側 星は青かった 遠すぎて近づいてる不思議さを 波打つ画面に見ていた

On the opposite side of the television, which everyone peeks into, The stars were blue. They saw this mysteriousness, drawing closer from far away, On their undulating television screens.

紙飛行機 宇宙へ 雲を引いて飛んでいく 小さくなるまで まずは見上げましょうか

A paper aeroplane flies, Drawing the clouds to it, up to space. To begin with, shall we look up at it? Before it becomes too small to see…

ここから旅を 始めてみましょう 乗ろうか 銀河鉄道 打ち上げ三秒前 駆け込み乗車で旅行へ繰り出そう 手荷物はお互いでいいね

Let’s see if we can start our journey from here. Shall we ride the Milky Way’s railroad? It’s three seconds until it leaves! Let’s board the train, and set off on our journey. Hey, hand luggage is enough for the two of us…

誰も居ない駅のホームには 月明かりの スポットライト差し込む 予定は未定なんて スケジュールに書いてみた 続きは列車の中で

On a train platform with nobody on it, The moonlight’s spotlight shines its way in. You can’t say our plans are undecided – I tried to write stuff in our schedule! I’ll continue it when we’re on the train…

広げた地図 二人で 星座の場所 覚えた 大きくマルした 私たちの目的地

Before our stretched out map, the two of us Learned the locations of the constellations by heart. We drew a big circle around The place we wanted to go to.

列車は線路を 走り抜けてく 窓ごし 広がる宇宙 到着五分前 片道切符で宇宙へ飛び出そう 月だって通過駅だから

The train runs its way along the tracks… We gaze out the window at the universe. It’s five minutes until we arrive! Let’s take a one-way ticket to space: let’s jump out! After all, the train doesn’t stop at the moon…

汽笛を鳴らして 次の目的地へ 目指すは未来宇宙 幻想の向こう側 電光の掲示板 出発まであと少し 乗り込もう一緒に 胸に希望を 明日に夢を 星に願いを 隣には貴女を

The steam whistle sounds, as we head towards our next destination. Our aim is the future universe, on the other side of illusions. The electronic bulletin board shows that there’s not much time left until departure. Let’s go! Let’s board, together! I clutch my dreams to my chest… My dreams are sent to tomorrow… I wish upon a star… and you’re right there, by my side…

星型の砂糖菓子 ポケットに詰め込んで 空へ散りばめたら いつか 二人だけの未来に 紅茶に星を一粒 星空を描けるかな?

We cram star-shaped sweets Into our pockets. If we set them towards the sky, someday, In a future for just you and me, we’ll drop a star into our tea… I wonder if you can draw the starry sky?

そうさ この旅行が歴史から消えても ここから見える世界を 私は旅をした 改札の向こう 切符は無いけど パノラマに続く未来宇宙 ああ 列車は未来へ進んでいく いつも いつまでも

That’s right! Even if this journey vanishes from history, I travelled. I travelled across the world that can be seen from this place. Even though there aren’t any tickets beyond the barrier, In the future universe stretched across this panorama, Aah, the train advances, towards the future. Always, forever…

Lyrics source: Translation by Releska