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Lyrics: 病室の少女~opening

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The Girl in the Hospital Room ~ Opening by AZITAMATEISHOKU
  • 病室の少女~opening
  • Byoushitsu no shoujo ~ opening
  • arrangement: 味付け玉子
  • lyrics: 味付け玉子
  • vocals: 味付け玉子
  • original title: 日本中の不思議を集めて
  • source: 伊弉諾物質 ~ Neo-traditionalism of Japan
    Track 09
Original Romanized

夏の思い出と揺らめく陽炎 その中で 二人歩いた どこまでも 語る指先と青い空へと溶けていく 夢の始まるあの場所へ

natsu no omoide to yurameku kagerou sono naka de futari aruita doko made mo kataru yubisaki to aoi sora e to tokete yuku yume no hajimaru ano basho e