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Lyrics: 秋の象徴

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Symbol of Fall by 回路-kairo-
Original Romanized Translation

落ちた葉 を集めて 一つ火を灯す

ochita ha wo atsumete hitotsu hi wo tomosu

i gather the fallen leaves and light a single fire

こんな小さな火じゃ 暖まるはずもないのは解っていた

konna chiisana hi jya atatamaru hazu mo nai no wa wakatteita

i know that this small fire will probably not be enough to warm us up

ハローハロー この煙はどこまで昇ってく?

haro haro kono kemuri wa doko made nobotteku?

hello hello how high into the air will this smoke soar?

ハローハロー 気付いて私たちはここにいる

haro haro kizuite watashitachi wa koko ni iru

hello hello realizing that we are here right now

また強く北風が吹いて 葉を散らしてしまうの

mata tsuyoku kitakaze ga fuite ha wo chirashite shimau no

again, the northwind blows strongly scattering the leaves

そんな当たり前の事が 少しだけ寂しかった

sonna atarimae no koto ga sukoshi dake samishikatta

that matter of course was just a little saddening for me

ハローハロー すぐそこまで近づいているから

haro haro sugu soko made chikazuite iru kara

hello hello because we‘re moving closer to over there

ハローハロー もう一度だけ火を灯させて

haro haro mou ichido dake hi wo tomosasete

hello hello let me light the fire just one more time

また強く北風が吹いて 葉を散らしてしまえば

mata tsuyoku kitakaze ga fuite ha wo chirashite shimaeba

again, the northwind blows strongly while it scatters the leaves

そんな当たり前の事で 今更涙する

sonna atarimae no koto de imasara namida suru

and that matter of course makes me shed tears even now

また秋を少し燃やして 体を 暖めてく

mata aki wo sukoshi moyashite karada wo atatameteku

just a little, set fall aflame once more so that we can warm our bodies

冬など来たければ良いと 言葉も消えていった

fuyu nado kitakereba ii to kotoba mo kiete itta

when winter has come, it’s alright our words will already be gone by then

Lyrics source: Translation by enoai

Translation notes:

  • 気付いて: the lack of personal pronouns is really annoying sometimes….
  • また秋を少し燃やして: i know 秋 (aki) is in fact “fall (autumn)” but i think this refers to the burning leaves from first stanza