Lyrics: 純情アルメリア

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Pure-Hearted Armeria by ShinRa-Bansho

I gaze at the choked-up cherry tree And mark the passage of ‘time,’ even now.

I came across you in an alleyway. When our eyes met, you smiled. I didn’t think that day Was worth paying any attention to.

My sighs were still frozen So I spoke to my frozen hands. Ah… My breaths will ripen Until they smell of flowers.

An apple fell into your hand, which touched me by chance And I awoke from my deep sleep, as if it passed from my cold hands.

An apple as red as fire, and my white skin. Yes—An unconcealable pattern stains me, beginning at my cheeks. I can’t cut the invisible red string of fate. Ah, I fall so much in love I can’t put my feelings into words.

I dream, with my chin in my hands, without pause. You know, I’m searching for you, My other half inside me… Ah, I want to believe it’s a lie.

I bought a hairpin on a whim. Ah… Ah… Lies. That’s all it is. That’s all it was But I want my pure-hearted feelings to bloom. Cherry blossoms will storm down.

I wear my hair short, but if you wanted… I’d grow it longer. Hah, it’s like I’m a teenage girl. I’m a white armeria, blooming at the side of the road. Ah… I want you to notice one of my small petals.

The moment our eyes met, the world stopped. Just let me dream, even for a moment. Ah… I’m a fragile cherry blossom. [1]

The apple seems to burn brightly. It’s like a kaleidoscope. I will bind up these feelings, which I can’t give up on. I can’t cut the rain, the air, or time. Ah… I hoped that you would throw away unripe fruit.

Perhaps the red string of fate I reached out will get tangled up someday So I’ll sever my hidden feelings with the sword of fate.

(Honestly, I wished for it.) My feelings will never reach you. (The cherry tree will not bloom.) Ah… winter ends.

Lyrics source: Translation by Releska


  1. 徒桜 (adazakura), literally meaning ‘easily-scattered cherry blossom’ is also a metaphor used to describe a fickle woman.