Lyrics: 色は匂へど 散りぬるを

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Even the Blossoming Flowers Will Eventually Scatter[1] by Yuuhei Satellite (幽閉サテライト)
  • 色は匂へど 散りぬるを
  • Iro wa Nioedo, Chirinuru wo
  • length: 03:40
  • arrangement: Iceon
  • lyrics: かませ虎
  • vocals: senya
  • original title: 神々が恋した幻想郷
  • source: 東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith
    Stage 3 Theme
Additional Info
  • Official English lyric of the song by Yuuhei Satellite.
Original Romanized Translation

色は匂へど いつか散りぬるを さ迷うことさえ 許せなかった・・・

iro wa nioedo itsuka chirinuru wo samayou koto sae yurusenakatta...

Fragrant cherry blossoms bloom. Someday all scatter fragilely.

Wandering about aimlessly couldn't make myself allowed.

咲き誇る花はいつか 教えてくれた 生きるだけでは罪と 離れられない 離せはしないと 抱く思いは 心を躍らせるばかり(ば か り)

sakihokoru hana wa itsuka oshiete kureta ikiru dake de wa tsumi to hanarerarenai hanase wa shinai to idaku omoi wa kokoro wo odoraseru bakari (ba ka ri)

Blooming proudly, the flowers told me one day. Simply living life cannot distance yourself from this sin.

We are inseparable. I won't never let you go. My embrace feelings will make, My heart bounce and dance for excitement.

色は匂へど いつか散りぬるを さ迷う暇はない けれど後ずさり 甘えるか弱さと 甘えられぬ弱さで 悪夢が優しく 私を弄ぶ

iro wa nioedo itsuka chirinuru wo samayou ka wa nai keredo atozusari amaeru kayowasa to amaerarenu yowasa de akumu ga yasashiku watashi wo moteasobu

Fragrant cherry blossoms bloom. Someday all scatter fragilely. No time to lose, no time to stray. But I step back in spite of myself.

Nightmare kindly came up to me and gently played with my own heart with acceptable fragility, weakness cannot trust someone.

弱さ知るアナタは今 許してくれた 求める者の欲を 健気に咲いた 刹那の美しさ それを知るには 遅すぎたのかもしれない・・・

yowasa shiru anata wa ima yurushite kureta motomeru mono no yoku wo kenage ni saita setsuna no utsukushisa sore wo shiru ni wa ososugita no ka mo shirenai...

Yet you forgave us knowing the weakness of, those who Infected with greed, keeps chasing after something till the end.

Moment that bloomed admirably what a wonderful instant though I do not want to admit the truth that It might be too late to know it.

色は匂へど いつか散りぬるを アナタのすべてに 幼く委ねたい・・・ 許せぬ優しさと 揺るぐ独占欲を 秤にかけれぬ 我儘な愛

iro wa nioedo itsuka chirinuru wo anata no subete ni osanaku yudanetai... yurusenu yasashisa to yurugu dokusenyoku wo hakari ni kakerenu wagamama na ai

Fragrant cherry blossoms bloom. Someday all scatter fragilely. I want to entrust everything. Act Like an innocent child. Unforgiven gentleness and Wavering possessiveness. Selfish love can't pick either one. It's impossible to choose.

色は匂へど すべて散りぬるを 短き記憶に 溢れる想い 枯れゆく命よ 儚く強くあれ 無慈悲で優しい 時のように

iro wa nioedo subete chirinuru wo mijikaki kioku ni afureru omoi kareyuku inochi yo hakanaku tsuyoku are mujihi de yasashii toki no you ni

Fragrant cherry blossoms bloom. And they all scattered fragilely. Life is too short. But it can trigger a flood of emotions and memories.

Oh life, withering our lives. Please stay strong, fleetingly as well. And don't forget, always remember. Very cruel but peaceful times.

  1. The phrase 色は匂へど 散りぬるを (Iro wa Nioedo, Chirinuru o, lit. even the blossoming flowers will eventually scatter) is a quote from Iroha meaning "impermanence". Although as you can see by reading the lyrics, this phrase actually hasn't have any particular meaning in this song. It is just used as a hook, just because it sounds and looks "cool" in Japanese sense, adding spices to the song at in the title, intro and the beginning of each refrains in the song. (This circle uses this format for the songs that is used in the music clip with anime, collaborating with Manpuku Jinja.)