Lyrics: 追憶のディテクター

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Memory Detector by ShinRa-Bansho

Just like this, I’ve walked thousands of steps with you. Our strides don’t match. Though I’m astounded, I still run.

Lies and truth are everything in memories. Grumbling and sighs are the true signs of happiness.

Above a bow of colours, I’ll cross over even that puddle of mirror glass. It’s always the same. We hesitate And listen to odd noises.

I crossed over an infinite sea and seized memories of the past, Yet my pendulum still dances. No matter how many times you get mad at me, I guess you’ll forget all about it soon.

You were always flustered, and your days were full of failure. I’m the only one who will remember the past you’ve forgotten.

You always smiled and acted tough. And with your hands, You will tamper with the future I yearned for. So…

Two points crossed over the green sea touched by the morning dew. Side by side, they hid something white. They wrote it down in a notebook and left it behind.

Now, too, I cannot touch those infinite fragments. Even my pendulum laughs. No matter how many times you cry, I guess you’ll forget about it someday. Ah…

It would be better if the epilogue never arrives. Still, things will begin to come to an end one day in the future. God – I have but one prayer. Please answer it. Please…

The miracle you gave me makes even yesterday and today Vanish into distant memories. I kept following the tracks, thinking I could see my final destination. Tomorrow, I’ll set off at high speed Heading for the first station, a place not on any map.

Lyrics source: Translation by Releska