Lyrics: A Lavender in Valley

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A Lavender in Valley by Sally
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Original Romanized Translation

およしなされ 酷な外は殺陣 いつぶりかと 言えるのか君

oyoshi nasare koku na soto wa tate itsuburi ka to ieru no ka kimi

Come hither, for outside these bounds is cruel war. But can you even pretend it’s been long since we last met?

螺旋 armor-ray どこへでも住ね紫桜 春は花 夏に余韻 冷たく光る

rasen’ armor-ray doko e demo ine shizakura haru wa hana natsu ni yoin’ tsumetaku hikaru

Spiral Armor Ray – Go as far as ever you will, Lavender Blossoms! Spring is for flowers, lingering into summer, coldly shining.

Lavender valley あれはも枯れてしまうわ 秋 遥か 冬に遠い 孤高の空よ

lavender valley are wa mou kareteshimau wa aki haruka fuyu ni tooi kokou no sora

Lavender Valley They will soon wither. Distant in autumn, further in winter, is the majestic and desolate sky.

(we only want. easy. Darling you sally) 嘆き交う ぐずる 飴色 音色 影みたく 後に続きなさいな

(we only want. easy. darling you sally) nagekikau guzuru ameiro neiro kagemitaku ato ni tsudzukinasai na

(We only want. Easy. Darling you, Sally) Lamenting to each other in candy colored tones, Linger on reaching like a shadow.

いくつになろう (slowly slowly) 自馬乗りの姫 (make it, homies) お嫌様へ (ain't lonely) 貢ぐ身が悲しがった

ikutsu ni narou (slowly slowly) hakubanori no hime (make it, homies) oiya sama e (ain’t lonely) mitsugu mi ga kanashigatta

How many will there be, (Slowly, slowly) Princesses riding on white horses? (Make it, homies) Those supporting the detestable nobles (Ain’t lonely) Looked sorrowful to me.

螺旋 armor-ray 推し量れない心よ 鬣 濡らす程に 吠えるライオン

rasen’ armor-ray oshihakarenai kokoro yo tategami nurasu hodo ni hoeru lion

Spiral Armor Ray – Oh unfathomable heart! Oh lion roaring so much to drench your mane!

Lavender valley いくらでも病む底なし 津々浦々 者の常 宿り木におれ

lavender valley ikurademo yamu sokonashi tsutsuuraura mono no tsune yadoriki ni ore

Lavender Valley Countless abyssally suffering, The neutral state for every living thing, bend to mistletoe.

(we only want. easy. Darling you sally) なぜ違う 道の終わりばかりが 果てしなく 狂い咲け 色 音色

(we only want. easy. darling you sally) naze chigau michi no owaribakari ga hateshinaku kuruizake iro neiro

(We only want. Easy. Darling you, Sally) Why is this different? Only the end of the road Is endlessly blossoming with colors and tones.

あらゆる共鳴 (maybe no beat) 会画調に荒ぶるわ

arayuku kyoumei (maybe no beat) kaigajou ni araburu wa

Each and every resonance (maybe no beat) Wrecks its way through the colorgraph

螺旋霰 泡ごと 割れてキラキラ 数限りない虚像に 担がれたまで

rasen’arare awagoto warete kirakira kazukagirinai kyozou ni katsugareta made

Spiral hail, with it each transient moment shattered Until it lifts up an unlimited number of fantasies.

Lavender valley あなたへお見せしますか 夜は川 上に墜ち 序の囗よ まぁだ

lavender valley anata e omiseshimasu ka yoru wa kawa kami ni ochi jo no kuchi yo maada

Lavender valley Shall I show you? The night is a river that falls upwards apart, but this is only the beginning.

もう断ち切って やれ泣くは櫓に契リ化粧 奪いの雨 愛していたわすべて ああ 嫌な夜明け

mou tachikitte yarenaku wa yagura ni chigiri keshou ubai no ame aishiteita wa subete aa iya na yoake

By the time this is all done, my weeping will be in the tower vowing beside my makeup The rain washes everything away… I loved you, everything. Ah, how I hate the dawn.