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Lyrics: Angels, Monsters, The Secret Lyrics

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Angels, Monsters, The Secret Lyrics by Foreground Eclipse

Oh I did not expect that you liked such stupid song

How many songs did we have before this one I don’t know where this song will be in the album Perhaps I’m singing this on our live show Whatever, I don’t care

Damn it! But I say fuck you to all those listening to this song on YouTube or Nicovideo (Oh, that’s me) Except for who lives overseas and is not so able to buy doujin CDs

This song is rather a kind of pop than the last one That is called Truths, Ironies, something I love the original Taketori Hisho Cause its melody is sweet to sing

Hopefully this will be released at M3-2010 Autumn Summer Comic Markets are too tough for the weak like us

Just put your hands up (Go go)

Maybe we use this part as a CD sample for our website, so I should sing better No, I’m more serious than you say!

Swinging arms, jumping bodies Don’t stop even if lights out Heart is beating so fast When I see bright smile in your face

If only we’re glorious like Unlucky Morpheus If only we’re versatile like IOSYS If only we’re addictive like C.H.S If only we’re smart like Demetori If only we’re tempting like Alstroemeria Records If only we’re powerful like Sekkenya If only we’re cool like Kishida Kyodan If only we’re brutal like CROW'SCLAW

Caution caution, it goes louder Caution caution, it goes violent

Just be crazy Let yourself be insane

Till we meet again there Don’t stop screaming louder as you want to Cause the war has just begun Never stop, keep staring at the light

Swinging arms, jumping bodies Don’t stop even if lights out Heart is beating so fast When I see cruel smile in your face

Terrible lyrics Hope not being blamed