Lyrics: Casket of Stars

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Casket of Stars by SWING HOLIC
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This is medicinal herbs she loves So sweet smell but poisonous

Black cloth just merges into the dark Making a hole in the sky

Bright moon is a screen of stoic flight What does she aim at tonight?

Nobody's gonna disturb her time Quality study for her

(※1) I cannot see At anytime, it's complicated Her statement's Dynamite with a laserbeam

(※2) Graceful stars, she keeps them in her pretty casket And she admire them every night Won't you say a compliment when you're invited to her party? It might be a magic word for her smile

Hazy, everyone's in maze of life She is a human like that

Maybe, she's chasing her fantasy Bizarre spells sound curious

* repeat (※1)(※2)(※2)