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Lyrics: Crumbling

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Crumbling by FELT

Slowly, daunting a whisper calling in the night something's chiming

Pieces falling the memories calling in my head and I'm drowning

Feelings crumbling a sound of tumbling, full of dread Would you give up?

Sounds of praying Salvation's fading and it's soon taking over

Each time that I look my eyes can't focus on visuals left like different puzzles that can't be found lost inside a haze, it stops my heart in place looking into different worlds, I keep on falling down

Can't get a handle on it I'm lost with no direction and this love has gone too far to salvage I regret it Remnants of what remained has been thrown away into the silent wind I've been simply blinded by it

Seeing through you the lies you used to fill my head how enlightening distant voices had made our choices in these dreams you've been calling

Darkness sneaks up when we turn around to face secrets we've kept and buried deep in far-off places footsteps echoing in spaces we can't trace running harder in the dark like a distant bass

What should I do to save you? Do I forget about the truth? Each time I'm reaching out for you my hands can't touch you How do I know I need you? I held on tight till I was on my own but I've been since then trapped by you

Hope begins to spill when we've least thought of it even if I catch every drop none of them remain shallow layers leave the pain out all too bare spinning endlessly in chaos out of my control

Each drop of rain keeps falling and tell a story of their own is it a tragedy? I can't decide I want it and so I'm reaching for you despite the pain that you have put me through it seems in the end, I'm crumbling