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Dear... by ShinRa-Bansho
Featured in:
  • length: 04:25
  • arrangement: kaztora
  • lyrics: ticat
  • vocals: あよ
  • bass: さまきや
  • drums: 裕木レオン
  • e.guitar: 江畑コーヘー
  • original title: ヴォヤージュ1969
  • source: 東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night
    Final Stage Theme
Additional Info
Translator Note: The lyricist, ticat, posted a short story (pixiv link to short story) in Japanese about this song. It depicts Eirin and Kaguya gazing up at a beautiful moon, talking about what they left behind. Eirin reveals at the end that, though she wanted to go home, she won’t since Kaguya doesn’t want to go back.

Why do the moon rabbits hop about? There must have been a song about it But people explain even that away, Calling it a ‘superstition.’

I’ll pretend that I can’t hear them. That’s it—let’s play a game! A grand game with our precious lives at stake.

To you, bearing such a rich heart, I will now deliver the greatest happiness.

Ah, I gathered together my memories of millennia. I’ll weave them into a braid. I wonder just how many years I’ve sung through since that time. I haven’t forgotten about them, though I’ve just pretended that I’ve forgotten about them. Now, I play with mirages and am shy But I’ll race through a dream in which I live with you, forever. Nobody knows a thing about it.

I was wounded for your sake But people explain those scars away as they please. They say they were from a crab, or a lion…

I pretend that I can’t see them And I turn the universe inside out. I wonder where that prestigious spaceship is now?

Relying on you, I softly call out, even now. I wish our memories could be together…

Ah, I gathered together my memories of millennia. I’ll weave them into a braid. Yes—during rainy days, during windy days, I’ll pray that I can fly over the clouds. In my distant remembrances, my memories change into something different. I stretch, I stretch, I stretch out my hands, but I can’t reach. You know, we’re defending a precious place. I entrusted it to you, forever…

You shine, and no matter what form you take, you’re dear to me. Forever… Forever… Stay beautiful.

Ah. From now on, I’ll pile up my memories and weave them into a braid. I sealed even my feelings inside this time capsule. Again and again… So your back hair will shine even more beautifully. Gently… As long as you desire even words of parting, Then it doesn’t matter if I can’t go home or return. Look— Because the moon’s so pretty tonight.

Lyrics source: Translation by Releska