Lyrics: Ethereal

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Ethereal by FELT
Featured in:
Rising Nebula

I'd always been the type to rush in, Thinking that soon, it'd end. Making most of what was left Till we'd go our own ways.

Now I've become the type to resist, Willing to make amends. Never taking for granted All the time we spent.

Isn't it strange? I don't know how Or when it was that it happened.

Realizing that there was more to this.

Swaying, undecided, I just know there's No more use for me to run or hide away, Its grip on me won't let it fade.

Tell me one more time. Is it the truth, or just a lie? Free from an empty promise of Convenient love, with nothing to fear.

Now I've become the type to hold on, Giving it all my best. You have changed my whole life and more, All in better ways.

I can't believe We were strangers In such a vast, lonely city.

Have the fates decided how this plays out?

Will I be misled? I'll never know. Taking my chances, I can freely live my life the way I want. I will survive.

I can't turn away from the unknown. I can believe even if it may never last, This so-called love lives on in my heart.

Yet with every change, Each moment treasured.

So ethereal. Gone in a moment's time.