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Last danceR by 森羅万象
Additional Info
Translated by Releska
Original Romanized Translation

Black 見つめて 磨いて 歪んだ 最後の貴方 踊るは 蜜の 雨に

Black mitsumete migaite yuganda saigonoanata odoruwa mitsuno ameni

Black… staring and polishing your fangs, all twisted inside. It’s you at your death. You’re dancing in a shower of honey.

狩られ借りられ噛まされ絡まれる (I win, I win, I win, I) 哀れに暴かれ 派手に剥がされ阻まれ挟まれる (You lose, you lose, you lose, you lose) 美し悍まし why don`t you?

karare karirare gama sare karamareru (I win, I win, I win, I) aware ni abakare hate ni hagasare habamare hasamareru (You lose, you lose, you lose, you) utsukushi ozomashi Why don`t you?

I’m hunted, hired, made to bite and then ensnared (I win, I win, I win, I) and pitifully exposed. Outlandishly stripped bare, blocked, and pinned down… (You lose, you lose, you lose, you) How beautiful yet repulsive. Why don’t you?

黒くて歯痒い翼をハタメカセ (Deep in, deep in, deep in, deep) 廃へドウドウ スリルで慄き今宵もハメツマデ (Falling, falling, falling, down) 未知の痛み I`m crazy for you

kurokute hagayui tsubasa wo hatamekase (Deep in, deep in, deep in, deep) hai e doudou Thrill de ononoki koyoi mo hametsu made (Falling, falling, falling, down) michi no itami I`m crazy for you

I flap my black, impatient wings (Deep in, deep in, deep in, deep) and go grandly to destruction. With tremors thrilling through me, I fall to ruin again tonight. (Falling, falling, falling, down) I feel a strange pain. I’m crazy for you.

まさに浅まし影から現れ 肌に突き刺しうねる Don`t miss you

masani asamashi kagekara araware hada ni tsukisashi uneru Don`t miss you

How shameful. They appeared from the shadows. They pierced my skin and surged through me. I don’t miss you.

中で詰られなぞられ流れ込む (Take in, take in, take in, take) 祀りの始まり 斬られ刻まれ犠牲に期せられる (Made of, made of, made of, made) 彷徨い微睡み

nakade najirare nazorare nagarekomu (Take in, take in, take in, take) matsuri no hajimari kirare kizamare gisei ni kiserareru (Made of, made of, made of, made) samayoi madoromi

Jammed into me, they traced along me and flowed. (Take in, take in, take in, take) This is the beginning of worship. I’m cut, minced fine, and expected to be a sacrifice… (Made of, made of, made of, made) I prowl in my slumber.

強くて眩い眼にイロドラレ (Into, into, into, into) 万事賛同 この世は醜い競り合うサバイバル (Battle, battle, battle, but!) 逸る熱にトリニティー

tsuyokute mabayuime ni irodorare (Into, into, into, into) banji sandou konoyo wa minikui seriau Survival (Battle, battle, battle, but!) haguru netsuni Trinity

It’s there, so colourful in my strong, dazzling eyes… (Into, into, into, into) Everyone approves. This world is an ugly battle for survival (Battle, battle, battle, but) between the hot-blooded Trinity.

jingle jingle jingle 疼いて Kissing

jingle jingle jingle uzuite Kissing

Jingle. Jingle. Jingle. I ache. Kissing…

巻かれ招かれ絆され溶かされ 刺さり啜られ口元添わして 焦らし焦らされミツの奥へ 舌が触れるは愛の Harmonic voice

makare manekare hodasare tokasare sasari susurare kuchimoto sowashite jirashi jirasare mitsuno okue shitaga fureruwa ai no Harmonic voice

Enveloped, invited in, touched by affection, then dissolved… Thrusting, being sipped at, and with lips coupling… Teasing, being teased, heading to the nectar’s depths… My tongue touched love’s harmonic voice.

(まさに浅まし影から現れ) ……乱れて

(masani asamashi kagekara araware)[1] ......midarete

How shameful. They appeared from the shadows. …I go wild.

感じ齧られキセイに狂わせ キツク締めあげ打ち込む Shoot a bullet 飲ませ跨り真紅を抱いて 踊り踊るは Last danceR

kanji kajirare kisei ni kuruwase kitsuku shimeage uchikomu Shoot a bullet nomase matagari shinkuwo daite odori odoruwa Last danceR

I’m eaten at by feelings and sent mad by a parasite. Screwed hard, I shoot a bullet. I make them drink, mount them and embrace deep crimson. The one dancing is the Last danceR.

  1. This line from an earlier portion is sung in the background, but is not written in the lyrics.